10 Things to Do After You've Purchased Your Wedding Dress

Just because you've found "the one" doesn't mean that your gown-shopping extravaganza is complete. Make sure you cross these items off your to-do list before you head down the aisle.
  1. 1. Order Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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    Now that you know the style of your gown, you can begin researching bridesmaid dresses. Decide on one that you all love (or let's be honest -- most of you love) and place an order. You don't have to mimic your dress completely, but match fabrics or design details for a bridal party (and pictures) that looks pulled together.

  2. 2. Decide on Your "Something Blue"

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    Whether you plan to pin a piece of blue ribbon to the inside of your dress, or you'd rather slip into a pair of blue peep toes and accessorize with sapphire gems, don't let this lucky charm become a source of stress by waiting until the last minute to pick it out.

  3. 3. Select Your Shoes

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    The shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day are a must-have for the first fitting, as the height of the heel will completely change the hem length of your gown.

  4. 4. Choose Accessories

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    Beyond jewelry, you'll need lots of other extras to complete your bridal look. To start, you'll want to order any hair accessories (especially your veil) before your first fitting. Other accents like a wrap or a bridal clutch can be purchased a bit later.

  5. 5. Shop for Wedding Jewelry

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    Start thinking about what baubles you want to wear on your wedding day. Bring anything you're considering to your fitting so you can get an idea of what they'll look like with the dress.

  6. 6. Get Great Undergarments

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    Whether you're hunting for a slimming bodysuit, searching for the perfect push-up bra or planning to go commando, you must have your undergarments on hand at your first fitting. Why? Something as simple as a bra switch can make your dress fit improperly.

  7. 7. Start Exercising

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    If you'd like to lose weight before your wedding, consult your doctor to develop a nutrition and fitness plan. Set a weight-loss goal and meet it before your dress fittings begin. Once fittings are under way, you'll need to maintain your weight. (Or reconsider losing weight. Obviously your guy thinks you look great just the way you are.)

  8. 8. Secure a Good Tailor

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    If your bridal salon doesn't offer alterations, you'll need to scope out a great tailor in your area. Don't wait until your gown arrives to start this search. Ask around for suggestions. Recently married friends and the bridal boutique where you purchased your gown are both good places to start.

  9. 9. Select Your Wedding Rings

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    Your wedding day ensemble is only complete once you're wearing your brand-new wedding ring. Make sure you've chosen and ordered both rings with plenty of time to spare. We suggest having rings in hand two months before the wedding.

  10. 10. Pick a Hiding Spot

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    Once your fittings are done and your gown is ready for the aisle, you'll need a place to store it where your groom can't sneak a peek. Psst…Some salons will hold it until just days before the wedding (start there!).

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