This Reporter Uncovered Her Own Marriage Proposal in the Cutest Way Possible

by Ivy Jacobson
Reporter: Welland Tribune /
photo by Welland Tribune

Maryanne Firth, like any other reporter, is eager to get to the bottom of things in her community. But her most recent case was a little cuter and sweeter than anything she had ever covered for her newspaper, the Welland Tribune in Welland, Ontario.

Maryanne described a mysterious appearance of white signs with bright pink hearts on them popping up throughout her town.

“It seems someone out there wants to have a heart-to-heart with Welland," she wrote in an article. “[The signs have] become the talk of the community, with people questioning their meaning and origin. Some believe it's a way to spread love through the city, others question whether it's a business or election ploy. None of the other signs contain any writing, though they still seem to be delivering a positive message."

Maryanne even started a hashtag, #WellandHearts, to try and find out more about the sweet signs. The last new sign to be planted in the ground had an address and a time on the back—"Chippewa Park, Sunday 3 p.m." So she went to try and finally solve the mystery of the hearts and found a pop-up tent in the area.

“Despite the rain, dozens of people came out with umbrellas in hand," Maryanne wrote. “Inside the tent was a man dressed in a suit with a box over his head. Complete with a signature pink heart painted on it. He was handing out flowers to onlookers with what I can only imagine was a smile behind his cardboard disguise. He handed one to me—a sweet, but familiar gesture—and then continued passing them out to others. Then he gathered up the remaining flowers into a bouquet and turned to me. He removed the disguise. This was the man who I've loved for the past eight years. Who I've built a life with. This was all for me."

She continued, “Ryan got down on one knee and as I tried unsuccessfully to hold back tears, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. No pressure, right? Of course I was ecstatic. Shaking. Crying. Of course I said yes! It all boils down to the fact that Ryan St. Denis knows me better than I know myself. He knew I'd see the signs. He knew I'd be curious. And he knew my nose for news would drive me to unearth the secret."

See a picture of the proposal below:

Reporter: Welland Tribune /
photo by Welland Tribune

Welland Tribune

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