This Huge Sea Turtle Was the Best Wedding Crasher Ever

by Ivy Jacobson
Sea Turtle: Reddit /
photo by Reddit

Usually, most wedding crashers are unwelcome and take advantage of an open bar. Not in this case, though! A Reddit user posted a photo of a wedding in St. Croix that had an unexpected guest — a huge sea turtle ready to lay its eggs.

The bride is looking on with a smile, so we're sure she didn't mind her ceremony being a little upstaged by Mother Nature.

The guest wrote, “Immediately after the ceremony during cocktail hour, everyone is mingling and sipping on their beverage of choice when I overhear one of my friends say (with a good bit of excitement in his voice), 'Look at that turtle!' I break conversation and turn around to see this monster coming out of the surf. We watched it for a while. It came ashore, circled around digging a hole, laid its eggs on the beach, covered them back up and rolled back out into the ocean."

The turtle is actually a leatherback, which are the largest living turtles on earth. She had to swim quite a long way to lay her eggs, since these turtles' breeding migration is on average 3,700 miles, according to National Geographic. She was probably in need of a large mai tai after all that!

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