This Watercolored Wedding Website Is Absolutely Beautiful

by Kristin Doherty
Watercolor Wedsite: / The Knot Blog
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A custom wedding website doesn't have to be all business and no fun: In addition to sharing details about your venue and registry, you can also tell your love story on your wedsite. That's what Julia Bourque and Brian Muse did for their DIY illustrated wedding website — but they took it to the next level.

Julia, a designer and illustrator, spent almost a year watercoloring scenes from their relationship. Then Brian animated their illustrations on their custom wedding website. As you scroll down the page, you can see their whole love affair in action. We're totally smitten with the paintings and their story — you have to scroll through for the full effect!

The painting shows all their relationship milestones, from the first time they met…

Watercolor Wedsite How They Met: / The Knot Blog

…to their first kiss.

Watercolor Wedsite First Kiss: / The Knot Blog

From when he popped the question…

Watercolor Wedsite: / The Knot Blog

…all the way to their wedding!

Watercolor Wedsite: / The Knot Blog

Brian and Julia's wedding was just last weekend at Tufts University — the same place they met and fell in love, exactly eight years and eight months after their first kiss! Congratulations to Julia and Brian — here's to many more watercolor-worthy milestones to come!

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