Wedding Vendors: Tipping Wedding Planner?


Are there any rules about tipping the wedding planner? Ours has just been outstanding and I feel like we should give her something extra.


Though there is not a general rule for tipping wedding planners, if you feel yours has gone the extra mile there's no reason why you can't do something to recognize that. After all, that's what a tip is -- a way of acknowledging excellent service. Extra cash is always appreciated, but if you hired your coordinator for full-service help (i.e., planning the entire wedding, top to bottom), it might not be feasible for you to tip a percentage of the bill as you might otherwise. Instead, think of other ways you could thank her for her hard work. You could get her a lavish gift certificate for spa services or to a nice restaurant, or send flowers. No matter what type of tip you choose (monetary or otherwise) include a note expressing your gratitude -- she'll surely appreciate it.

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