Bridal Beauty: Wedding Beauty Tips for a Makeup Novice?


I was never really into wearing makeup but I'd like to wear some on my wedding day. The problem is that I don't really know how to put wedding makeup on -- or what I even need to buy! Where do I begin?


Well, you can start by checking out department store cosmetics counters. Don't be afraid of the ladies who work there -- they're harmless. In fact, most of them are well trained and do a great job of helping you choose what you need. They'll give you a complete makeover for free and you're not obligated to buy anything from them. Of course they hope you pull out your wallet, but you don't have to -- at least not right away. Let them show you what colors they think are best for your skin tone . Watch in a mirror as they apply them, and when they're done, leave the store. You'll want to see the makeup in different, natual lighting and check how it looks several hours after application (very important). You might also want to ask your fiance what he thinks -- if he doesn't recognize you, wash your face and don't go back to the store. On the other hand, if you decide that you like the look, go back to the cosmetics counter and buy what you like. Since you already know what worked, it's totally goof-proof.

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