Bridal Shower: How to Plan a Couples Shower?

Q: I'm hosting a wedding shower for both bride and groom. Any suggestions on wording couple bridal shower invitations and on the couple shower itself? Should the groom also register for bridal shower gifts he would like?

A: A bridal shower for the bride and groom is actually a "couple shower" (a/k/a a "Jack and Jill"). When you word the invitations, note this detail for your guests. Also, you should invite both men and women -- relatives and friends -- so the event will be more like a party than a traditional shower. And yes, the groom does register for things he likes -- in fact, the couple should register together. Gifts might be traditional home-related presents (after all, domestic items aren't the sole province of wives these days!). You could also think about having a theme shower -- a movie party, a book party, a bar party -- so guests can bring presents (videos, leather-bound volumes, martini shakers) that match the theme and that both partners will love and use. Also, since couple showers tend to play out more like cocktail or dinner parties, you needn't worry as much about planning entertainment or games.

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by The Knot