Honeymoon: Honeymoon Photography Tips?


We're so excited about our honeymoon in Greece, and I know we're going to want to share our snapshots with everyone we know when we get back. Do you have any tips for taking great honeymoon photos?


The key to great travel pictures? Take as many as you can -- you never know what unexpected detail or meaningful moment you'll capture. Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to snap an album's worth in a minute, but even if you're using a film camera, don't be afraid to take it now and throw out your no-good shots later. This capture-it-all strategy will help keep you from taking the same-old photos that'll start your friends snoring ("Here's us with the Parthenon") and make sure you get the fresh, candid stuff you'll have the most to say about ("Here's the open-air market we found while we were out walking one morning -- and here's Susan with the old lady who sold the most amazing olives!"). You'll also catch each other with more natural expressions than the strained smiles you might remember from childhood vacation photos.

The other critical point to consider: treat your camera right. Sun, sand, and surf are not your camera's friends. If you've got a digital camera, make sure you've got a case that'll survive your trip (camping and outdoors stores usually have the most hardy); if you're going to use film, unless you're using a pro-quality camera consider bringing along a few disposable cameras instead. And keep your camera and film in your carry-on -- the x-rays used for passenger luggage are safer than those used for checked baggage.

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