Q&A: How to Stay On Track?

I'm trying to get in shape for my wedding, but it's six months away, so I'm having the hardest time staying motivated. I'll workout for like three days straight and then I just peter off. How can I motivate now?
by The Knot

With so many other things on your plate, it's so easy to let yourself off the hook until you're facing your wedding day head-on -- which is not the time to be starting a fitness routine. So how do you get the momentum going to start--and stick with -- a shape-up plan when your goals seem so far away? Here are my three top tips for staying motivated:

1. Write It Down.

I'm a fan of documenting your goals and daily progress in a fitness journal. But even if you don't keep a journal and just scratch something down on a napkin and stick it on the fridge, the actual act of writing down your goals makes it more likely that you'll stay accountable. Even better: Map out and schedule into your week a plan to meet them.

2. Reward Yourself.

Instead of punishing yourself for missing a workout, why not reward yourself every time you wake up for that morning spin class or go for a run after work? Choose a reward ahead of time (like a manicure or 15 minute massage), set a manageable goal -- such as working out three times this week -- and if you achieve the goal, enjoy that reward!

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3. Appoint a Monitor.

If you find it truly hard to remain accountable to yourself, transfer that accountability to a workout buddy (maybe a fellow bride-to-be) or professional trainer who can help monitor your goals. Outline your weekly goals with that person, and every week, assess where you met your goals -- or fell short. They don't need to do anything other than listen and encourage you -- just the act of having to own up to a missed workout can help you stay motivated.

Doug Rice

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