Top 7 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

What's hot in the world of bridesmaids right now -- from choosing shorter bridesmaid dresses to picking a man for a maid.
by The Knot

Whether you want a bridal party made up of your 18 nearest and dearest or you've decided to keep it intimate, we've tracked down the latest and greatest bridesmaids trends. Here are our seven favorites.

Asking Reinvented

Brides are getting more and more creative about how they ask friends to be bridesmaids. Think of a fun way to honor the moment. Write a poem that ends with your request, place it in a silver frame, and mail it. Send a friend an arrangement of flowers with a note that reads, "You've been there for me through everything -- please do me the honor of being my bridesmaid!" Or, if you're feeling really creative, send them pieces to a puzzle that, when put together, spells out your special request.

Man of Honor

If the person you're closest to happens to be your brother (or another guy), there's nothing wrong with having him take the place of the traditional Maid of Honor. This is also a great idea if you don't want to choose between your BFFs (best female friends).

Hemlines on the Rise

Flying in the face of tradition, many designers are choosing to show a little leg. Tea-length bridesmaid dresses are the new fun, feminine, and flirty standard. With these dresses, fabric, not length, determines formality. The added benefit? These less "bridesmaidy" dresses can be worn again and again.

Color Is Hot

Brides are following their fashion instincts and keeping up with trends by choosing bold colors (hot pink, bright aqua, and kelly green to name a few) either as the main dress hue or as hip accents (such as a sash or hemline trim).

Coed Parties

More and more bridesmaids are planning the bachelorette party on the same night as the bachelor party. In some cases, the parties are combined. Wedding parties are planning individual scavenger hunts for the bride and groom where the final clue leads them to the same place, or they're doing something less secretive, like all meeting at a club at the end of the night. Either way, with all your friends around, both male and female, it's sure to be a blast.

Kids-only Party

The English have been creating all-kid bridal parties for decades, and there's no reason you can't adopt this trend from across the pond. Instead of casting bridesmaids (i.e., grownups), just include ring bearers, flower girls, usherettes, and junior bridesmaids. This will lead to adorable pictures, and make you stand out even more walking down the aisle. Now who wouldn't want that?

Special Guest Stars

Find meaningful ways to involve family and friends without asking them to be official members of your bridal party. Invite them to do a reading at the ceremony, hold a post of the huppah, pass out wedding programs , seat guests, or keep you company (and lend a helping hand) while you're getting dressed.

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