Top Tips From Michigan Wedding Planners

Michigan's top wedding planners share their juiciest insider info for planning a wedding in Michigan.

Watch out for black fly season!

Avoid outdoor weddings in the Upper Peninsula in May and June -- it's black fly season! If you're totally set on getting married there and then at least give out insect repellent as ceremony favors. Without it, guests will be too busy swatting flies to be able to pay attention to your vows. -Mandi

Parade floats at your wedding

Did you know you can host a reception at The Parade Company (313-923-7400), the warehouse of Thanksgiving Day parade floats and costumes in Detroit? “I haven't planned a wedding there yet, but they've done all kinds of parties, so they definitely know what they're doing.” -- Mandi

Destination wedding vibe

In this economy, who has the money for a destination wedding? You'll get the look and feel of the South on Belle Isle in Detroit. How's this for a recession special: You can hold your ceremony in an area surrounded by serene weeping willows for free! There are a couple of downsides: Your guests may have to stand and some geese may drop in. -- Beverly

Attention, vintage buffs!

Want your wedding video shot in super 8mm film? In Films in Detroit (248-210-9608) does it -- and you can even keep the reels! -- Ana

Traffic alert

Check the University of Michigan football game schedule before you book a wedding in Ann Arbor. Traffic is terrible on those days! But if you two are die-hard Michigan fans, it could be fun to take pictures as the fans in blue and maize rush past you. -- Mandi

Brand-new venue

Finally, after a nearly three-year-long renovation, The University of Michigan Museum of Art in Ann Arbor (734-660-5804) is now available for weddings. The two-floor Apse, an airy, vintage-meets modern space, seats 300. Or host a reception for up to 250 in the outdoor courtyard. Not a single wedding has taken place there yet, so you can be one of the first! -- Ana

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