Trend Alert! 7 Rugs Turned Aisle Runners

by Simone Hill

Did you know that rugs made of knotted yarn (called “rya") are an important part of a traditional Finnish wedding ceremony? The couple would say their wedding prayers while kneeling on the colorful rug and then they later display it in their home. Today, the hot trend is to take rugs from your favorite design store or flea market and turn them into your ceremony aisle (tip: check with friends and family to see if they have any that might look pretty too!). If you do end up buying them, the best part is you can totally reuse the rugs in your home later and they make for easy set-up and clean up. It's really a win-win. See the photos of couples who used rugs as aisle runners below!

Rustic Woven Rugs on the Beach

Trend Alert! Rug Aisle Runners

Paco and Betty

Connecting Bohemian Rug Runners

Trend Alert! Rug Aisle Runners

A Pastel Green Rug With Candle Aisle Decor

A Summery Pink Rug

Trend Alert! Rug Aisle Runners

Blue Oval Rugs

Trend Alert! Rug Aisle Runners

A Trail of Small Rugs

Vintage Rugs and Church Pews

Trend Alert! Rug Aisle Runners

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