Turn on a Sensational Smile

A big, bright, joyous smile: They're expecting it. Here's our method for getting your pucker prepared.
by The Knot

A big, bright, joyous smile: You won't be able to turn yours off on your wedding day. Here's our method for getting your pucker prepared.

Scrub-off and Soften

The key to great lips, like great skin, is exfoliation and moisturizing. Combat flaky, chapped lips by exfoliating nightly and moisturizing twice daily. The simplest (and cheapest) way to exfoliate is to brush your lips with a wet toothbrush.

Color Correction

You've probably chosen dozens of lipstick colors in your day, but this day is a bit different. Certain shades of lipstick accentuate yellow or stained teeth. You don't want to use any yellow-based colors such as browns, peaches, corals, or orange-reds if your teeth look yellow already. If you're looking for a red shade, stick to blue-reds. Softer pinks are good, too, and photograph well.

Not-So-Pearly Whites?

You can have the softest lips and the perfect lipstick, but if your teeth are yellow you won't want to flash a smile. Dentists remain the source for the most dramatic whitening results. In-office bleaching treatments can help remove stains to make teeth that are five to seven shades whiter. Depending on where you live, costs begin around $400 for in-office bleaching. But over-the-counter teeth-whitening systems are very effective, too. Most whiten teeth by a few shades.

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