Wedding Music & Dancing: Two Mother Son Dances at Wedding Reception?


My fiance was raised mainly by his stepmother. She and his father have generously offered us help, advice, and money for our upcoming wedding, while his birth mother hasn't offered to pay for anything, nor has she shown any interest in her only son's wedding. We decided to have two mother-son dances: one with his mom and one with his stepmother. Our question is, which mom should he dance with first?


Even if he is closer with his stepmother, it is probably most appropriate that he dance with his birth mother first. After all, if it weren't for her he wouldn't even be here, right? It's important to keep in mind that these things are largely ceremonial and not necessarily indicative of how the two rank in his value hierarchy. Hopefully, his stepmother will understand this choice and be thrilled that he's included her in such a big way.

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