10 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

by Meredith Bodgas

1. Change Your Wedding Dress

After the ceremony, change out of your ball gown and slip into something dance floor-friendly, like a knee-length dress.

2. Offer a New Perspective

Pick a ceremony spot with a gorgeous view, like an oceanfront restaurant or a grassy valley surrounded by mountains.

3. Set the Scene

History buffs? Even if you're not, think of how cool it'd be to host your ceremony and/or reception in a museum! Extra reception decor need not apply.

4. Plan Out the First Dance

For your first dance, fake out your guests by starting off with a slow song; then switch to a fast beat with a rehearsed routine.

5. Box Up Your Wedding Invitations

For a formal wedding, make a big impression on your guests by sending your wedding invitations in pretty, silk-covered boxes. If it's a barn wedding, add raffia or hay to the invitation package; small shells for a beach wedding; and tiny Swarovski crystals for a ballroom wedding to cue guests in on what's to come.

6. Bring in a Show

Hire professional flamenco dancers, break dancers, or ballroom dancers to put on an amazing after-dinner show.

7. Prop a Photo Booth

Bring in or make your own a photo booth and encourage guests to get silly by setting out fun props that fit with your wedding theme (think top hats, canes, and fake pearls for a formal wedding). Ask everyone to add their pics into the guest book for a fun keepsake.

8. Set Up a Wine Tasting

During the cocktail hour, give your guests a lesson in wine by hiring a sommelier to dish out wine-pairing tips and tricks.

9. Rent Special Lighting

Try using ambient lighting to transform your reception space and set a romantic mood. Hint: Pink and amber tones make everyone look great!

10. End the Night with a Bang

Surprise all your guests with a send-off to end the reception: A fireworks finale! Don't have the budget? Look into renting a confetti canon for the last song of the night.

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