Wedding Food & Drink: Unusual (but Crowd-Pleasing) Entree Options?


We've been to a lot of weddings this year with the same old reception dinner choices: chicken or beef, and chicken or beef. Are there any reception entree choices out there that are a little more unconventional (but not so exotic that our less-adventurous guests will go hungry)?


There's no reason to plan your wedding reception menu around the old standbys, especially when there's a world of options out there that will please the palates of even your most picky partiers. When it comes to planning your wedding reception menu, think outside the normal continental cuisine and look for inspiration elsewhere. Do you have any time-honored family recipes that you love? See whether your caterer can incorporate an upscale take on your aunt's famous ravioli, or include your great grandpa's ginger snaps into your reception dessert options.

Have the two of you traveled places together and discovered cultural cuisine that you love? You can add new life to any entree option -- yes, even chicken and beef -- by presenting it in a new way, whether it's an Indian-influenced curry sauce or a Jamaican jerk chicken. Even if you've never been abroad, you've surely had some meals together that were truly memorable. Maybe you headed to a romantic Italian restaurant for your first date, or you were at home over Chinese takeout when he popped the question -- incorporate nods to these in your dinner.

Adding cute captions to your menu cards will clue in your guests to the sweet significance of your choices. And even if you decide to stick to traditional entrees, don't be afraid to go out on a limb with your appetizers and sides. Unconventional accents -- from sushi bars to raw bars and martini bars -- are a major wedding trend, and one we're glad to see!

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