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The Veggie That's Taking Over Cocktail Hour

This hot pink health food is seriously trendy.
Rachel Torgerson
by Rachel Torgerson

Hand-Passed Beet Appetizers

Beet appetizers hand-passed at a wedding cocktail hour
Sabine Scherer Photography

Super health-conscious foodies will recognize this hot pink vegetable as a staple. But more than taking raw, clean eaters by storm, beets are becoming a mainstay in wedding cocktail hour appetizers and even reception meals! Beets have a vibrant color that sticks out so that your hand-passed hors d'oeuvres really turn heads (and might even match your color palette!).

Put beets in a colorful salad, have them stand alone with a few green garnishes, or make them into a hot pink puree that guests can eat with crackers, like Kathy and Jamey did in Austin, Texas. Beets are totally transformable. You can pickle them and slice them up (like in the picture above), blend them up and serve them in a smoothie, and even grate them finely to garnish any meal. See some examples of how other real couples incorporated beets in their wedding eats below!

From the album: A Bright Wedding at Costanoa Lodge in Pescadero, California

Beet Salad

Beet salad first course wedding dinner.
Heather Roth Photography

Toss some beets on a salad for a little pop of color with some crumbled bleu cheese.

Pureed Beets Served On Crackers

Pureed beet appetizers on a rustic wooden tray.
Q Weddings

Blend beets into a creamy puree and serve on a multigrain cracker as a healthy cocktail hour option.

From the album: A Rustic, Outdoor Wedding in Austen, Texas

Bite-Size Beet Hors D'oeuvres

Bite-size beet and creme fraiche appetizer
Tanveer Badal Photography

Guests will pop these bite-size beet creations in their mouths like candy.

From the album: A Rustic Spring Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Serve Beets With Greens

Beet salad served at a wedding reception.
Trish Barker

Beets are root vegetables and they go great with other greens. Add fish or steak to give your tastebuds more depth.

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