How to Get a Perfect Victoria’s Secret Angel Hairstyle for Your Wedding

Because we can't all use Lily Aldridge's hairstylist.
by Brittany Lo

Finding wedding hairstyle photos on Pinterest can sometimes be deceiving (and even discouraging) when images show those long, voluminous curls that somehow only Victoria's Secret models can achieve. While we may not know exactly what was done (for example, a ton of extensions were added) to give that final Angel look, here are four ways you can also achieve that effortless, wavy style on your wedding day.

Hair Extensions: For Added Length and Volume

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest way to add volume or length and provide a grip for your hair to hold curls better. Clip-in hair extensions can be found at your local beauty supply store or online. Make sure the coloring matches your real hair, and go a shade lighter if needed. The hair extensions are clipped into the roots of your hair and easily clip out when the day is over.

Hair Gloss: For Added Shine

If your hair is looking a bit dull even after a fresh haircut, a hair gloss may be exactly what you need. A hair gloss can be clear or in a certain shade, but ultimately helps condition and add shine. You can go to the hair salon for a treatment or do one right at home.

Vitamin B7 (Biotin): For Thicker Hair

When it comes to looking their absolute best on their wedding day, lots of brides are open to trying new beauty regimens. There's a lot of pressure that surrounds that one special day, so I do advise being cautious before trying new any kind of supplements. However, for stronger and thicker hair, Biotin is a vitamin many of our brides have had success with.

Blowout: For Root Lift

For a hairstyle that's compatible with curls, the best option to get maximum volume is to have your hair blown out. By starting with towel-dried hair, it allows the hairstylist to lift the roots and dry it in a way that'll result in more smoothness and volume than if the hair air dries.

Each of these four options are small but impactful ways that can help deliver maximum results for voluminous, Victoria's Secret Angel-esque waves on your day.

Brittany Lo is the founder and CEO of the New York City–based beauty services company Beautini and an ultimate beauty junkie. She’s been obsessed with makeup her entire life and knew she’d end up dedicating her professional life to making women feel beautiful for the most important day of their lives.

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