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This Rustic 50th Anniversary Vow Renewal Is Why We Love What We Do

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5 Lessons Drake Can Teach You About Writing Your Vows

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The Knot and TODAY Threw a Sweetheart Dance For Couples Married Over 50 Years—Get the Details

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Wedding Etiquette: Can We Have Another Wedding?

My fiance and I married in a civil wedding ceremony due to an immigration issue and we were unable to afford the kind of wedding we really wanted to have. It's been a couple of years now, and as I watch our engaged friends get married, I can't help but feel that we missed out. Would it be totally inappropriate to get married again just to have the total wedding experience?

Wedding Etiquette: Wedding Ceremony for our Vow Renewal?

My husband and I are getting ready to remarry -- each other! It's been 10 years. We would like to have a big wedding, bigger than the little family one we first had. Is that okay? And is it okay for me to wear a white wedding dress?

Wedding Registry: Wedding Registry for Vow Renewal?

My husband and I are renewing our wedding vows after 10 years. Friends keep asking if I am going to register anywhere since I didn't have a real wedding the first time around. I hadn't really thought about it -- what is the proper vow renewal etiquette?