10 Wacky Wedding Cakes

The idea of personalized wedding cake details (like a monogrammed cake topper or a unique flavor) is nothing new -- but these wedding cakes take it to a whole new level.
  1. Someone had a childhood love affair with their Nintendo machine.

  2. While we're not sure how much we like the idea of "mice" and "wedding cake" in the same sentence, there's something so cute about this cheese cake (get it?).
  3. Just to clarify, it's the Japanese skeleton toy toppers that put this wedding cake on the list.

  4. There's nothing quite like a giant mushroom wedding cake topped with bride and groom gnomes to set the tone for a woodland wedding.

  5. You can bet cowboy boots would be considered kosher at a wedding like this with a Western-style wagon display full of wedding cakes shaped like prickly pear and barrel cacti.

  6. There's nothing like a Vegas-themed wedding cake topped off with a gigantic die to spell out romance for all your wedding guests.

  7. Usually the only place you see worms at a wedding is on the dancefloor.

  8. Four! Can you guess what this couple's favorite hobby is?

  9. This New York cityscape cake highlights the least romantic aspect of living in NYC: the subway commute.

  10. The last thing your guests want to think about when biting into your wedding cake is that it was covered in blood.