7 Ways NOT to Announce Your Engagement

If you just got engaged, congrats! This is seriously exciting news that deserves lots of congratulatory hugs, “oohing" and “ahhing" over the ring and plenty of bubbly. To make sure you get the right response from friends, family and coworkers, avoid announcing your engagement like this…

At Your Friend or Family Member's Engagement Party


This is their time to shine, and you'll get more than a few eyebrow raises (and maybe a wedding invite that gets “lost in the mail") if you do this. If someone asks, then feel free to tell them the news, but otherwise hold off until afterward.

By Bragging


It's not a contest.

Right After Someone Just Told Their Bad News


Someone else telling you that they lost their job or that their childhood pet died is not the time to bring up how happy you are about your new engagement. Chances are (if it's in person) they'll notice your new ring and bring it up so you don't have to. Don't take it to heart if they don't give the response you expected — they may be distracted with what's going on in their life now and will be thrilled once they can focus on you.

Before It's Actually Official


Maybe you talked about marriage and even discussed shopping for rings. While it might only be a matter of time, don't publicly announce it until there's an actual proposal or a mutual agreement (if a traditional proposal isn't your style).

Without Giving Your Nails Some TLC First


Everyone's going to want to look at your ring as soon as you tell them, and you want to make sure that when all your friends are looking at your first ring selfie that they're not distracted by chipped paint.

With an Awkward Engagement Photo


You know the type we're talking about, and if you don't here are a few awkward engagement photo examples to avoid. When you're announcing, you really don't need anything fancy — just a nice snapshot of the two of you in the moment will do. (Get professional engagement photos taken later.) Also, before you post, do a quick check for any unintentional photo bombs or wardrobe malfunctions. This is a photo that'll undoubtedly get a lot of comments, likes and shares.

During a Serious Company Meeting


Your work friends are going to be thrilled for you (and you should definitely tell them as soon as it happens). That said, announcements about your personal life need not be apart of the quarterly earnings report meeting if you catch our drift.

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