Cultural Wedding Customs: Greek Wedding Traditions?

by The Knot

I recently spent some time in Greece and fell in love with the landscape and the rich traditions. I've decided I'd like to try to incorporate some Greek wedding customs into my wedding next year. How can I achieve this without dominating the wedding ceremony, and yet still be authentically Greek?


If you want to nod to Greek culture, you can incorporate the tradition of wearing lucky charms. Attendants in Greek weddings will sometimes wear a traditional charm (for example, in the form of a small eye) to fend off the evil eye and to shield the bridal party from bad luck. Also, the Greek bride places a lump of sugar in her glove for a sweet marriage, and will often carry a bouquet of dangling ivy to symbolize never-ending love. Your sweetie can carry a piece of iron in his pocket to ward off evil spirits. Or, to further embrace Greek tradition, his tie can be shredded at the reception and the shreds sold to guests in exchange for honeymoon spending money!

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