7 Ways to Personalize Bridal Shower Registry Gifts

No more same-old, same-old shower gift -- this time, jazz up the present with personal flair.
by Tracy Guth

Afraid buying off the registry is too boring? Since you're required to bring a gift with you (versus sending a wedding gift via an online registry), the bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to amp up a standard registry present. Here are examples to get your imagination going.


There are countless things you could give along with a blender, but let's go the milkshake route -- malted-milk mix, some chocolate syrup, a bottle of whipped cream -- plus two great old-fashioned milkshake glasses! You might even throw in two of those plastic straws that are all tied up in knots.


Yes, coffee is an early-morning necessity, but your bride and groom don't have to drink Folgers all the time. Choose a coffee sampler at a gourmet store to go with your gift, so the couple can try some exotic blends from around the world! Add a pair of cute mugs -- or include a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans or biscotti to go with their brew.


They've put down what pattern they want -- if you buy a couple of place settings, why not add some napkins and/or napkin rings in complementary colors? In your card, say that you hope they'll use your gift for a romantic dinner for two -- china shouldn't just come out when company's over.


If you buy a beautiful vase from their registry, why not have flowers sent to their home after they've received the gift? Let them know you wanted to round out your present with a beautiful bouquet that will brighten their day.


This one's a no-brainer -- if you buy margarita glasses, include a mix or a nice bottle of tequila. Martini glasses mean a bottle of Smirnoff is in order. A few nice wines (or a membership in a wine-of-the-month club) are nice to go along with their glasses. If you purchase beer steins, bring microbrews, too.


Along with a basic towel wardrobe, think about adding some scented bath products -- bubble bath, soaps, bath gel, even a double shower head -- that they can use together! If the towels you buy are colored, try to make your gift coordinate with the hue, for a package with pizzazz.


Well, you don't want to get too creative here -- the bedroom's a private place. But you can certainly toss in pillows and a cuddly throw. Or if sheets are silk, stick in a bottle of Woolite with a satin bow around the neck. Another idea -- a room-fragrance product, be it potpourri or scented candles, to help make their room a refuge.

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