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Creative Ways to Serve Pizza at Your Wedding

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Make-Your-Own Food Bars You Need To See

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25 Creative Appetizer Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Celebrity Chef and "Chopped" Judge Marc Murphy Reveals His Ideal Wedding Menu

Wedding Guests: Invite Wedding Guests for Dancing But Not Dinner?

We are trying to keep our guest list at around 175 people for cost reasons (it's the most we can afford to feed), but we certainly could have more guests -- as long as they didn't eat. Is it okay to invite people just for the dancing portion of the reception, but not the wedding ceremony or the dinner?

Wedding Food & Drink: Pros & Cons of a Buffet Reception Meal?

I've heard that a buffet is the way to go for the wedding reception dinner. What are the pros and cons?

Wedding Reception Etiquette: Assigned Seating for a Buffet?

I am having a buffet-style wedding reception. Is it necessary to have seating arrangements, or should I let guests sit wherever they want?

15 Food Stations to Inspire Your Wedding Menu