Wedding Cake Trends for 2010

Cupcakes are cute but a bold wedding cake will really make a statement. Here are 10 new trends for wedding cakes.
  1. Photo by Yunhee Kim

    Cakes With 3-D Accents

    It’s for you if: You want your cake to look different (not crazy).
    Here’s a tip: Keep cake toppers off of a cake like this -- the design speaks for itself!
  2. Photo by Alison Gootee

    Black and White Cakes

    It’s for you if: You want that Rat Pack, old-school vibe.
    Here’s a tip: Go easy on the black accents -- too many and it won’t look edible.
  3. The Chocolate Lover’s Wedding Cake

    It’s for you if: You always take chocolate over vanilla.
    Here’s a tip: Add more chocolate! Ask your caterer to add small chocolate truffles next to each slice.
  4. Invitation-Inspired Die-Cut Cake

    It’s for you if: You’re obsessed with your invitations and stationery.
    Here’s a tip: Bigger patterns like this one will work -- tiny intricate filigree designs? Not so much.
  5. Laser-Printed Fondant Cakes

    It’s for you if: You have something very specific in mind for the wedding cake – like an invitation motif, pattern, or quote.
    Here’s a tip: Use accent lighting or a spotlight to show it off!
  6. Mod Cakes with 'Tude

    It’s for you if: You’re all about a fun and funky wedding vibe.
    Here’s a tip: Have cake slices served up on colorful plates to echo your cake’s eccentric design.
  7. Romantic, Bold Touches of Color

    It’s for you if: You’re having a semiformal-slash-formal wedding.
    Here’s a tip: Deck out the cake table with candles to up the formality.
  8. Photo by Alison Gootee

    Blush and Gold Wedding Cakes

    It’s for you if: You like the vintage look but want your wedding to look elegant too.
    Here’s a tip: Choose colors in the pastel family to maintain that vintage vibe.
  9. Two-tiered Wedding Cakes

    It’s for you if: You’re not really a “cake person” but still want to have a cutting.
    Here’s a tip: Elevate that cute little thing on a stand and add candy and other desserts to fill out the table.
  10. Customized Wedding Cake Stands

    It’s for you if: You’re planning to have a genius wedding cake (which you will because you clicked through this entire slideshow).
    Here’s a tip: Work with your florist to design a stand so that it coordinates with the rest of your reception decor.