12 Wedding Color Schemes You Can Copy for Any Season

These fun pairings will set the tone for your special day.
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Updated Aug 03, 2022

Your wedding colors will be some of the most defining features of your big day. While they're not as prominent as, say, your dress or your first dance as newlyweds, your wedding color palette subtly ties together all the details, from the flowers to the signage and the table décor, into one cohesive theme. Designing a clear wedding color scheme will make it look like you thought of everything for your nuptials. When guests leave at the end of the night, a consistent color palette is one detail that they won't forget. After all, if you put in the effort to craft escort cards that match the bridesmaids dresses and the signature drink, your loved ones will take notice.

When picking your wedding colors, though, it's important to feel empowered to choose shades you love, not what you think you should use based on season or style. If you're planning a summer wedding but adore the deep, warm shades of autumn, don't feel like you have to skip it to follow tradition. In fact, some of the most memorable weddings are those that challenge traditional rules in favor of personalization—wedding colors included. To help craft your ideal shade pairings, we've rounded up the best wedding color ideas that'll work for any season. Once you decide on your wedding colors, the rest of the planning details will fall into place. So, for maximum inspo, browse our favorite wedding theme colors below.

1. Pink, Blue and Ivory Wedding Color Scheme

Embrace your playful side with a whimsical pink and blue color palette. Balance out both captivating hues with a neutral base shade like white or cream to help this pairing feel modern. Whether you lean into deep undertones or experiment with light patels, shades of pink and blue are great for couples who want a wedding that's romantic and bright.

How to pull off a pink, blue and ivory color theme:

Since blue and pink are statement colors, embrace the gradients of both to blend them together. Consider adding deep mauves and pastel blues to your bouquet, or arrange light pink and blue candles around your reception space. Include accents of both on your wedding stationery, and let your neutral base color stand out too so one shade doesn't feel stronger than the other.

2. Emerald and Ruby Wedding Color Scheme

Yes, your wedding colors can be red and green and not give off holiday vibes. Rich jewel tones like emerald and ruby can serve as complementary moody wedding colors, especially when they're counteracted with a third light shade, like ivory or, in this case, mauve or taupe. While jewel tones are synonymous with cooler months, there's nothing stopping you from having a luxe, moody wedding in the spring if that's your vision.

How to pull off an emerald and ruby color theme:

When planning your wedding color theme, go for deep shades of green and red. Leaning into the jewel tones will make your palette feel luxuriously elevated—not like the decorations you have stored away in your basement. Include lots of fresh greenery for an earthy vibe, or accent with shimmering metallics if you're envisioning a glam theme. Consider using accents like dark wood or fresh baby's breath to add texture and dimension to your palette.

modern wedding welcome sign dark green acrylic sign hanging on copper square frame with red flower accents
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3. Yellow and Blush Wedding Color Scheme

When paired together, yellow and blush can fit a romantic gathering or bohemian wedding—it all comes down to execution. Crisp shades of pink, yellow and white will feel bright and summery, while darker, muted shades of daffodil, salmon and mohair will create a palette that's fit for a trendy desert vibe.

How to pull off a yellow and blush color theme:

Yellow and blush lend themselves to outdoor settings. The brighter your color palette, the more classic your wedding will feel. Conversely, if you want your wedding space to feel like the inside of an Anthropologie store, accent muted hues with natural, grassy plants, cozy seating areas and lots of warm lighting.

4. Indigo and Violet Wedding Color Scheme

Trendy jewel tones like indigo and violet are two of the moodiest colors to work with. Perfect for intimate settings, deep jewel wedding colors will make your wedding feel royally elegant.

How to pull off an indigo and violet color theme:

Since jewel tones are naturally darker, allow a third, lighter shade (like cream or metallic gold) to liven up the palette. Silk or velvet fabrics will elevate the shades even more, so identify ways to include them throughout your space. We love the idea of wearing velvet shrugs in the cold months or using silk fabric to tie bouquet stems together.

5. Muted Neutrals Wedding Color Scheme

Believe it or not, shades of brown can actually serve as trendy wedding colors. (Yes, really!) If you dream of an earthy, laid-back bohemian wedding, lean into a muted neutral color palette. Warm shades of ivory, cream and beige can create a cozy atmosphere that feels comforting and on-trend.

How to pull off a muted neutrals color theme:

Lean into textured elements like pampas grass, macramé textiles and dainty fairy lights. For some added dimension, consider including garlands of greenery like eucalyptus, vines or willow to breathe life into the neutral palette.

6. Green and Ivory Wedding Color Scheme

Nature lovers, this lively color combo is for you. Whether you're saying "I do" in a rustic barn or on an industrial rooftop, green and ivory will bring a breath of fresh air to your nuptials. If you prefer greenery over flowers, trade traditional blooms for modern garlands of long, wispy greens for a wedding color theme that's minimal and chic.

How to pull off a green and ivory color theme:

Since these wedding colors are fairly simple, consider including statement textiles to add depth to your décor. Woven baskets, tin or terra cotta pots and mismatched candle clusters can all serve as unique ways to decorate and serve as functional parts of your wedding. Let your guests take home potted plants as favors, or use baskets to hold toiletries in the bathroom or blankets if you'll be outdoors.

7. Blue and Gold Wedding Color Scheme

Blue and gold might have the tendency to feel nautical, especially when paired with ivory. If that's the vibe you're going for, lean into all the preppy details and prints (like stripes, seersucker and gingham) to stay on theme. If you're going for a more subdued style, though, play with deeper shades of blue and metallic gold for a wedding color palette that's as regal as can be. (PS: Blue and gold were also the top two most popular wedding colors last year respectively, meaning you aren't alone if you adore these shades.)

How to pull off a blue and gold color theme:

Use darker gradients of blue as your main wedding colors, and allow metallic gold to serve as an accent shade. Even incorporating warm neutral and beige tones will tie the colors together seamlessly. Go for blue flowers with stems of baby's breath in your bouquet, or opt for statement metallic stationery with delicate blue lettering for a subtle pop of color.

8. Red and White Wedding Color Scheme

Red is the color of love, so what better way to honor your union than with a dark, sultry palette? If you're looking for help with your wedding colors, let your venue guide the design. In this case, a deep red wall complements the red florals and neutral table arrangement. If your wedding venue has standout colors, allow it to add to your wedding palette, not distract from it.

How to pull off a red and white color theme:

Since red is a bold color, go for light accent shades so your theme doesn't feel too overpowering. Embrace the bright shade in your bouquet, with your lipstick choice, or even your shoes. Bring in red pops through table chargers, signage or even a neon sign behind your sweetheart table.

9. Blush, Emerald and White Wedding Color Scheme

These luxe wedding colors will leave guests green with envy over your elegant style. Yet another way to play with color is to experiment with opacity. As seen here, a matte pink vase gorgeously complements its translucent green counterpart. The addition of a blue geode elevates this gem-inspired color palette.

How to pull off a blush, emerald and white color theme:

Since emerald is the boldest color of the three, let it stand out as your base shade. Adding in light blush and white accents will enhance the gem tone, allowing it to shine. You can bring in more deep green shades through greenery, geode accents, green lettering or even glassware. Add in minimal white and pink tones to lighten up your wedding colors.

10. Orange and Fuchsia Wedding Color Scheme

Orange and fuchsia? You can make it happen. If going bold is totally your style, combining two strong colors will show off your affinity for the unexpected. Because these hues are on the same side of the color wheel, their undertones will act as a seamless gradient rather than two contrasting shades.

How to pull off an orange and fuchsia color theme:

Since orange and fuchsia are both strong shades, make sure that your supporting wedding colors are neutral. Doing so will ensure that both shades pop wherever they're featured. Otherwise, the addition of stronger colors may distract from the theme you're going for.

11. Soft Rainbow Wedding Color Scheme

Can't pick two or three wedding colors? Don't sweat—just include them all! A rainbow wedding color scheme can be tastefully executed, as pictured here. For a wedding theme that feels elegant and modern, focus less on primary colors and more on soft undertones. Doing so will help your palette look sophisticated without compromising your playful touch.

How to pull off a soft rainbow color theme:

When incorporating multiple wedding colors, it's important to let one or two act as the base and include the others in small accents. Too many bright colors can have the potential to be visually overwhelming, so go with softer shades to make it easier on the eyes. We love the idea of using pastel Pantone chips as seating cards, or having small, colorful flower bundles placed throughout your space. Consider splurging on a colorful hanging installation or arch to serve as a statement "wow-factor" piece.

12. Ombré Wedding Color Scheme

Only feeling one color? Choose an ombré wedding color scheme. Going with a gradient palette will make your wedding look uniform and perfectly planned out, even if you are building around one base shade. The best part is that working with one color lets you tailor your style to any season.

How to pull off an ombré color theme:

Pick one shade as your base, and build your supporting elements around it. Work with your team of pros to identify how best to utilize your color of choice. Your florist will know which in-season blooms match your palette, while your pastry chef can help design a desert spread that leans into the same colors. If you're working with a stationer, weave the gradient into your paper goods and signage. To make a memorable impact, include one monochrome element (like a floral display), and weave alternating gradient shades into smaller details like table arrangements, favors, seating cards or even your wedding party outfits.

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