Wacky Wedding Dance Moves That Will Never Die (Throwback Thursday)

by Simone Hill

Slow dancing is great, but your wedding guests will love getting in on a piece of the action (or die of embarrassment) with one of these wacky, yet classic dance moves that will never go away.


Add a disco number to the mix and your golden!

Michael Jackson's Thriller

There's nothing like a fully choreographed Thriller dance to surprise everyone. Perfect for a Halloween wedding!

The Macarena

Spice up the dance floor with this 90s favorite!

The Chicken Dance

Silly? Yes. Classic? You bet.

The Worm

It takes a certain kind of bride to sacrifice the cleanliness of her dress to whip out this crowd favorite!

The Electric Slide

Young and old alike can appreciate this simple line dance!

Gangnam Style

Psy took the nation by storm last summer with his crazy dancing antics and wedding dance floor haven't been the same since.

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