27 DIY Wedding Decorations for Any Skill Level

From aisle decor to table numbers, we have the perfect DIY project for your wedding style and experience level.
by Andrea Fowler

For the ambitiously crafty engaged couples out there, there's no doubt you want to have a hand in decorating your wedding day. First thing's first, heed our warning: Don't wait until the last minute to try a craft you've never done before. Waiting until the 11th hour will only stress you out, and if you're crafting under a time crunch then you might not be as happy with the end result. Remember to put time aside for shopping for materials, set-up and clean-up in addition to the actual crafting time. A good way to cut time? Enlist your wedding party in the crafting by hosting a rosé, pizza and DIY night.

From aisle décor to backdrops, here are our favorite DIY decorations that you could definitely handle at home.

  1. DIY Aisle Décor: Heart-Lined Aisle

    DIY wedding ceremony aisle decor with cut-out hearts
    Lucky Malone Photography
  2. DIY Aisle Décor: Tissue Paper Poms

    Gold and white tissue paper poms aisle decor for a wedding ceremony
    Nine Photography
  3. DIY Aisle Décor: Hanging Florals

    DIY wedding ceremony aisle decor with hanging florals
    Misty Nolan Photography
  4. DIY Escort Cards: Corks and Colorblock Cards

    DIY wedding reception escort cards with cork
    Barclay Horner Photography
  5. DIY Escort Cards: Framed Table Assignment Display

    DIY wedding reception escort card display
    Christy Nicole Photography
  6. DIY Escort Cards: Gold Painted Feathers

    DIY wedding reception escort cards with gold painted feathers
    Loreto Caceres Photography
  7. DIY Table Numers: Driftwood Sailboats

    DIY driftwood sailboat table numbers
    Kelly Cronin Photography
  8. DIY Table Numbers: Numbered Burlap Flags

    DIY wedding reception table numbers
    Rodeo & Co Photography
  9. DIY Table Numbers: Painted Book Art

    DIY painted wedding reception table numbers
    Ayres Photography
  10. DIY Table Numbers: Signage in Potted Greenery

    DIY wedding reception table numbers
    Steven Michael Photography
  11. DIY Table Numbers: Natural Birchwood Stand

    DIY wedding reception table numbers with natural birchwood
    Jill Devries Photography
  12. DIY Table Numbers: Rustic String Art

    DIY string art wedding reception table numbers
    With Love & Embers
  13. DIY Table Numbers: Cork Base

    DIY wedding reception cork table numbers
    Anna Shackleford Photography
  14. DIY Table Numbers: Wood Slate and Calligraphy

    DIY wedding reception table number idea
    Amber Vickery Photography
  15. DIY Place Cards: Lemon Labels

    Bright lemon wedding reception place cards
    Misty Nolan Photography
  16. DIY Centerpieces: Tall Grass Arrangements

    DIY tall grass wedding reception centerpieces
    Hotmetal Studio
  17. DIY Centerpieces: Silk Flowers and Book Stacks

    Silk wedding reception flowers styled with book stacks
    Brienne Michelle Photography
  18. DIY Centerpieces: Potted Succulents

    DIY potted succulent wedding reception centerpiece idea
    Anna Lee Media
  19. DIY Centerpieces: Metallic Gold Painted Bud Vases

    DIY wedding reception flower idea
    John Bosley Photography
  20. DIY Centerpieces: Spray Painted Tin Cans

    DIY gold spray painted tin floral centerpiece
    Erin L. Taylor Photography
  21. DIY Backdrop: Beach Wedding Shells

    DIY beach wedding backdrop
    Riverland Studios
  22. DIY Backdrop: Suspended Paper Cones

    DIY wedding reception background
    Alicia Chandler Photography
  23. DIY Backdrop: Colorful Tassels

    Colorful DIY tissue paper tassels
    Red Fly Photography
  24. DIY Backdrop: Metallic Streamers

    Metallic streamer DIY backdrop
    Loreto Caceres Photography
  25. DIY Backdrop: Custom Wooden Backdrop

    Custom DIY wooden wedding ceremony background
    Heather & Jared Photography
  26. DIY Décor: Suspended Kites

    DIY suspended kite wedding reception decor
    Colette Kulig Photography
  27. DIY Décor: Tassel Balloons

    DIY wedding ceremony decor large balloons and tassels
    Erin L. Taylor Photography
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