Wedding Details: Wedding Last Name Order?

Q: I am getting married in four weeks and can't decide what to do with my last name. I want to take my husband's name, but as the last generation with my family name, I feel a need to retain it. I am also attached to my middle name, so I don't wish to make my maiden name my middle name. I've thought about hyphenating our names, but they don't sound right together. I am looking for a way to take both last names

A: Why not just add your husband's last name to the end of yours? That way you could legally retain your middle name and given last name, plus add his. You wouldn't have to write out the entire thing every time, as you would if you hyphenated. So for example, if your name is Jennifer Ann Jones, you could become Jennifer Ann Jones Smith. You could then shorten that to Jennifer Smith, or you could go by Jennifer Jones Smith, and so on. Simply adding his last name is one way to have it all!

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