5 Dramatic Wedding Flower Ideas

Need reception centerpiece ideas? We've found them for you.
by The knot

This year wedding flowers are all about drama. From bouquets to centerpieces to boutonnieres, the keywords are color, opulence, and sparkle.

1. Saturated Color

Bold, bright color is back in a big way, so take advantage of its ability to make a statement. Pinks, reds, greens, and blues continue their reign, but royal purple and deep lilac tones are also making a comeback. To really focus on color, try designing arrangements in one dramatic hue and varying the type and texture of the flowers.

Knot Note: Think brown is a tough color to incorporate in your arrangements? It's not -- Leonidas and terracotta roses, cosmos in shades of chocolate, and even hypericum berries, which come in several shades of brown, will all make a rich contrast to warmer shades (such as pink or yellow) in your centerpieces and bouquets.

2. Bring in the Bling

Think jewelry is just for you to wear? Everything from brooches to pearls are being used to make bouquets beautiful, and they make a fabulous keepsake gifts for bridesmaids to use year-round. For the bridal bouquet, it's also a clever way incorporate a "something borrowed" family heirloom like grandma's antique hatpin.

3. Wraps

Focus on your vases, in addition to your blooms, by wrapping them in creative ways. Cover a rustic arrangement in tree bark, a winter arrangement in plush velvet ribbon, or a modern arrangement in metallic gold, silver, and jewel-toned wires. Bouquets stems are getting the same attention, cloaked in clean-lined, lithe banana leaves or in wraps ornamented with glass beads.

4. Get Moving

Tight, perfect, just-so arrangements are out, and large three-dimensional displays are in. This year, movement and asymmetry in bouquets and centerpieces are very important. Flowers should seem lifelike, not stuffed into a ball. The best blossoms for this? Varieties with long, flexible stems and a natural drape like vines, tulips and sweet peas.

5. Orchids

Orchids are the flower of the moment, especially since this versatile, elegant bloom comes in virtually all colors and sizes. Use an all-orchid arrangement to make a lush, architectural statement on your tables, or select a single orchid blossom in your wedding color for modern boutonnieres. Wrap the stem in black ribbon so that the blossom pops against the label.

Knot Note: Boutonnieres are no longer an afterthought. Guys are taking advantage of their chance to make a statement with greenery, whether it's with big lush blooms, an arrangement of small delicate ones, or a sampling of interestingly shaped herbs.

Contributors: David Beahm, David Beahm Design; Carol Caggiano, Board of Directors, Society of American Florists; Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey Designs, Inc.; Michelle Rago, Michelle Rago LTD

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