Green Weddings: Wedding Gifts That Give Back

by The Knot

It's become increasingly popular for to-be-weds to request charitable donations to an organization of their choice in lieu of traditional wedding gifts. Here's how to steer the charitable course.

Specify on Your Site

As with any registry, avoid specifying gifting details in the invitations -- instead, create a wedding website to list your registry details and any special wishes -- such as "in lieu of gifts, the couple asks that you make a donation in their name to said charity," and then provide a link to the organization.

Choose a Neutral Charity

Don't alienate guests by choosing a charity that flaunts your political beliefs. Instead, choose one that disperses the money to various organizations under one umbrella. Try these:
Donate up to 8% of the value of your wedding gifts to charity when you
register with the retail and travel partners affiliated with the I Do Foundation. Or, simply have your guests make tax-deductible contributions to the charity of your choice.
Ask your guests to donate in your name to one or more than a million charities organized into 19 categories.
The Nature Conservancy helps preserve plants, animals and natural communities all over the world. Choose from a variety of causes, from Adopt-an-Acre to protecting the Shangri-La Gorge in Yunnan Province, China.

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