Wedding Gown: Wedding Dress for Informal Celebration?


My fiance and I are saving money for a house, so we're planning on keeping our wedding relatively simple. He and his groomsmen have decided to wear their own suits rather than renting or buying formalwear, so does that mean my bridesmaids and I should do the same? Do I have to wear a less formal wedding gown?


It depends less on what the groom is wearing and more on the feel of the rest of your wedding. Plenty of grooms (and their attendants) in extravagant weddings wear suits and still look sharp. So there's no reason you can't wear a formal wedding gown. That said, if the rest of your wedding takes on a less-formal style, then a wedding dress swathed in tulle with a cathedral-length train would probably look out of place.

When you're wedding gown shopping, don't feel limited to less dressy dresses -- but do follow your instincts. Let your sense of style (for your wedding day and your wedding gown) dictate what you wear. The same holds true for your maids. You might not want to deck them out in ball gowns, but tea-length cocktail dresses -- which are all the rage for maids -- are perfect.

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