Headpiece Glossary

Get a head start on your accessory shopping with our guide to headpieces
by Hollee Actman Becker

The headpiece you choose for your walk down the aisle can change the entire mood of your gown. Play princess in a sparkling tiara, be bohemian in a flowery garland or go grown-up with a chic chapeau. The key to finding the right style for you is to try on as many different models as you can find. Bring along a swatch of fabric or a photo of your dress, the accessories you plan to wear, and even the bouquet you'd like to carry. That way, you'll get a sense of which headpiece will work best. Here's the lingo you'll need to know to get started:


A barrette or comb that fastens to the back of the head, to which the veil is then attached. The backpiece is often decorated with flowers, beads, or bows.


Fairly self-explanatory, the bunwrap is a circular band that encircles a bun or updo.


As the name implies, this type of headpiece is held to the head with comb teeth for extra security. Can either be attached to a veil and worn on top of the head, or adorned with flowers and beads and used to cap off an upswept hairstyle.


Different from a tiara, a crown is a full circular piece that sits atop the head and is adorned with stones, gems, or beads.

Half Crown

Smaller than a crown, but greater in height than a tiara, the half crown is a half circle of jewels that sits atop the head.


A band of varying width that closely follows the shape of the head. Think Jackie O.

Juliet Cap

A small round cap that fits snugly on top of the head, usually decorated with pearls or semi-precious stones.


A knitted or openwork net that encases the hair at the back of the head.

Tapered Headband

A half-circle band worn on top of the head, characterized by a wider middle and tapered ends.


A tiara is a jeweled or beaded semi-circle worn on top of the head.


A romantic, organic look, the wreath -- also known as the "garland"-- features a full circle of flowers, twigs, foliage, and/or ribbon resting on the crown of the head.

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