6 Wedding Makeup Mistakes Even the Biggest Beauty Lovers Could Make

Please don’t try contouring for the first time on your wedding day.
by Sophie Ross

You’re going to be incessantly photographed on your wedding day—by both your professional photographer and your guests—so of course, you want to look your best. And you will!

Just make sure to hire the right makeup artist for you, and don’t make any of these major makeup mishaps—oh, and always BYOL (bring your own lipstick).

1. Skipping the Makeup Trial

We always recommend doing a makeup trial (for good reason). It’s an extra cost you’ll need to factor into your budget, but it’ll be invaluable going into your wedding day knowing you already love—and feel confident with—your makeup look.

2. Trying Crazy Trends

This isn’t the time to try something brand new, so skip the fads you’ve seen on YouTube. Contouring (Kardashian-style) might be en vogue right now, but will it be in 10 or 15 years when you look back on your wedding photos? Choose timeless over trendy.

3. Piling It On

Speaking of contouring—heavy, manipulated makeup definitely won’t translate as well in natural lighting as a fresher, lighter look will. Make like Meghan Markle and use a medium-coverage foundation that still lets your glowy skin (or freckles!) shine through IRL and in photographs.

4. Not Considering Body Makeup

Body makeup might not be part of your current repertoire or routine, but it’s certainly something to consider on your wedding day. Your foundation shouldn’t end at your jawline—so your makeup artist should apply some coverage to your neck and décolletage too. (It’s easy with the airbrush technique.)

5. Choosing Overly Dramatic Eye Makeup

Maybe black liner or a smoldering smoky eye is your go-to for a sexy date night, but skip it on your wedding day. As fabulous as ultra-dark makeup may look in-person, it simply doesn’t photograph well (it can cast an unflattering shadow around your eyes in photos). Instead, opt for nudes, browns, grays and golds for a more subtle and sultry look.

6. Forgetting an Emergency Kit

Your makeup artist is a pro, and they’ll do everything to make sure your makeup lasts all day, through tears and sips of champagne. That said, we always recommend packing a beauty emergency kit. You never know if you’ll need oil-absorbing sheets, translucent powder or lash glue, but you’ll be happy you brought them just in case.

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