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Your Complete Ceremony Site Checklist

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The Most Personal Wedding Officiants We’ve Ever Seen

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Asking a Friend or Family Member to Officiate Your Ceremony? Start Here

Why You Should Consider Prewedding Counselling

8 Premarriage Counseling Questions That Every Couple Should Talk About

All of Your Questions About Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies, Answered

Should You Invite Your Officiant to the Wedding Reception?

Your Guide to Wedding Officiant Fees and Donations

How to Find Your Wedding Officiant

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Questions to Ask Potential Officiants

Wedding Ceremony: Can We Get a Gift for our Wedding Officiant?

My fiance and I will be married by a priest who was our professor in college. We are flying him across the country and paying for his hotel, meals, and transportation. I know traditionally the wedding officiant should be paid for the service, but we feel uncomfortable offering him money since we know him so well. Is it appropriate to buy him a gift instead?

Wedding Ceremony: How Can Our Friend Get Ordained For Our Wedding?

How can we get our friend ordained so he can officiate?

Wedding Ceremony: How Do We Find the Right Officiant?

Neither of us belong to a particular church group or religious organization. How do we go about finding the officiant right for us?

Wedding Reception Etiquette: Where to Seat Officiant?

I've invited my officiant to the wedding reception. My question is where should he sit? I feel like it's only appropriate to seat my wedding officiant at the head table, but I really wanted to have just my wedding party there.

Wedding Etiquette: Pay Wedding Travel Expenses for Officiant's Wife?

My fiance and I live in California. We want to ask his pastor, who lives in Kansas City, to marry us. We just found out that he will be bringing his wife along, which we think is great. We planned on paying for his airfare; do we have to pay for hers, too?