Wedding Pages Duties in Detail

For a dress that dons a lengthy train, you might need some extra little hands to keep it from tripping you up.
by Elise Proulx

If you're planning to wear a gown with an extra-long train, keep fears of an unplanned stumble at bay by enlisting a little train-bearing help. The solution? Pages to the rescue!


Pages walk behind the bride and carry her long train. In fact, they're sometimes known as train bearers. Because many brides opt for shorter trains these days, pages are often unnecessary. But if she's set on trailing a 25-foot train, it's a good idea to include two young pages (traditionally aged six to nine) in your wedding party.

Who To Choose?

You'll probably want to choose a young family member. If you've already chosen a tiny tyke as ring bearer, why not let boys who are a little older act as pages? Perhaps your cousins have children you can enlist, or you can choose a godchild or a family friend.

What They Wear

Pages can partake of many style options. Check out our ring bearer's attire article for suggestions. Ring bearers and pages needn't wear exactly the same outfit--remember that pages may be a bit older than ring bearers, so don't embarrass them by shoving them into the same sailor suits the little tykes are wearing.

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