Wedding Faux Pas, a Five-Year-Old’s Marriage Opinion, Registry Stalking and What Not to Say to the Bride

What’s hot on our Facebook, Twitter, and message boards this week.
by Anne Roderique-Jones

Worst Wedding Etiquette Faux Pas?

We asked our Facebook Knotties what the worst wedding faux pas they've ever seen is, and here's what they said:

"Being invited to the bridal shower but NOT the wedding!" Kathy
"A cash bar!" Noku
"A drunk uncle caught on video taking cards out of the card box!" Jennifer

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This Five-Year-Old Won't Marry You if She Doesn't Have a Job!

This adorably strong-willed five-year-old is getting her 15 minutes of fame online. Before you know it, she’ll be all-grown-up and married with a wedding website on The Knot. But not until she has a J.O.B.! See what our followers were all abuzz about when we posted this snippet via Twitter:

"This 21st century little lady has a plan for her life, and she's not about to let marriage get in the way of it! Watch her vehemently state her position on getting a job before getting married in the video below, which just might be the cutest 46 seconds on the Internet today.

The point is, she doesn't care if she marries you, or any man for that matter. She cares if she does 'something that's special,' which is definitely the cutest thing we've ever heard. But she's not going to marry you yet so stop asking, OK?"

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Are You a Registry Stalker?

Is it okay to peek at your registry? What if it becomes an obsession? Here’s what our Knotties have to say about it:

"It's definitely addicting...and hard not to look! I was checking regularly, but have tried to back off. I agree that although I may know (some of) what I'm getting, I still don't know who bought what. At least that's a surprise." geminijen27

"I think I'll try not to look right before my showers, but I will probably look in the next couple of weeks to make sure things don't go out of stock, and then stop." hlq2011

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What Not to Say to the Bride-to-Be.

Our Knotties were discussing some of the worst things you can say to the bride prior to the wedding. Here’s our list of the top 7 things not to say to the bride-to-be:

1 It’s cool if I bring a few of my OOT visitors to the reception, right?
2 I really hope you choose me as a bridesmaid!
3 So, how long ‘til you try for a baby?
4 I see that you went for the budget wedding dress.
5 Aren’t you going to miss being single?
6 When’s the wedding diet start?
7 Wouldn’t have been my choice for a bridesmaid dress…

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