15 Pose Ideas for Your Wedding Photos

From a wedding party mimosa toast to the first look, add these sweet moments to your shot list.
by Andrea Fowler

There will be so many special moments happening on your wedding day, it's natural to want to get all of them on film. But keep in mind, your photographer can't be in two places at once and you'll only have them booked for a certain amount of time. Our advice? Get organized. Figure out which moments are the most important to you and study a few poses. That way, when your wedding day comes you can maximize their time by knowing exactly which poses to strike and how to flow through them. To help, we picked out some of our favorite wedding moments (and poses!) that you'll want on your radar.

  1. 1. With Your Maid of Honor

    Maid of honor and bride photo pose idea for wedding photos
    Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography
  2. 2. Toasting With Your Bridesmaids

    Bridal party toast for a wedding photo idea
    Flora + Fauna
  3. 3. The Groom and Groomsmen

    Wedding photo pose idea for the groomsmen
    Diamond Eyes
  4. 4. Getting Ready With Mom

    Sweet wedding photo pose of the bride getting ready with her mom
    Amy Arrington Photography
  5. 5. Loving Your Dress

    Wedding day photo pose idea in a princess wedding gown
    Jessica Christie Photography
  6. 6. Adding the Final Touches

    Wedding photo pose with a bride putting on her jewelry
    IZO Photography
  7. 7. A Shot of the Groom Getting Ready

    Wedding photo pose idea of the groom getting ready
    Robyn Van Dyke Photography
  8. 8. Right Before the First Look

    Wedding pose idea right before the first look
    Longbrook Photography
  9. 9. With the Smaller Attendants

    Wedding photo pose idea with the flower girl
    Ash Imagery
  10. 10. A Candid Moment With Mom

    Sweet bride and mother photo pose for wedding photos
    Anne Lee Photography
  11. 11. A Candid Photo With Dad

    Bride and father photo pose for wedding day photos
  12. 12. A Sweet Posed Shot With Parents

    Sweet wedding photo pose idea with the bride and father of the bride
    Kristin Chalmers Photography
  13. 13. Before Walking Down the Aisle

    Wedding photo pose idea with the bride getting help from her bridesmaids before walking down the aisle
    Moment Studio
  14. 14. After Saying "I Do"

    Sweet wedding photo pose during the ceremony
    Gina & Ryan Photography
  15. 15. Romantic Pose Holding Hands

    A bride and groom sweet wedding pose idea holding hands before a first look
    Jenna Lee Pictures
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