The 63 Best Wedding Photos of All Time From Real Couples

We can't get enough of them.
Couple dancing on the beach in coordinating yellow and lace outfits
Photo: Cristal Veronica Photography
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
Hannah Nowack
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
Hannah Nowack
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Updated Sep 22, 2023

Wedding photos captured by your professional wedding photographer are how you'll remember the celebration long after the guests have returned home. But what constitutes a good wedding picture? How can you create the best wedding photos ever? Enter: This collection of beautiful wedding pictures.

As an editor at The Knot, I spend ample time looking at photos of weddings and there are some wedding picture ideas that I simply can't get out of my head. These wedding pics are the ones that make you feel something. They stop you in your tracks and take your breath away. In short, the wedding photo inspiration below are the all-time best wedding photo ideas.

As you peruse the wedding photo examples, make note of the ones that pique your interest (you could even save them to your wedding Pinterest board!) to share with your photographer so they can get a feel for the types of wedding photos you're drawn to.

Wedding photos we love in this article:

Romantic | Creative | Funny | Modern | Traditional | Cute | Candid | Emotional

Romantic Wedding Photos

Weddings are all about love, so why not capture that on camera with some romantic wedding photos that capture the lovey-dovey vibe? From kissing wedding shots to charming pics of weddings, the ideas for wedding photos below are the most tender, passionate and enchanting out there.

1. Intimate Getting-Ready Wedding Picture

File this one under "must-have wedding photos"—it's simply iconic! The peek through a window at the bride getting dressed with her husband captures the intimate moment in this great wedding photo.

2. Dreamy Dancing Wedding Day Picture

The couple's photographer captured this romantic wedding shot while the bride was mid-twirl. The natural blurriness that resulted captures the energy of the day in a romantic way.

3. Relaxed Wedding Photo of Couple Holding Hands

Not all wedding portrait ideas need to involve standing and posing. This nice wedding picture is a snap of the couple enjoying a private moment laying on some pillows and holding hands.

4. Tender Wedding Day Picture of First Dance

First dance pictures are some of my favorite pics of weddings. So how can you select the best wedding photos in relation to first dances? Well, it would be a tall order, except this stunning wedding day image makes the job easy. I love how the lighting creates a romantic atmosphere for this first dance.

5. Enchanting Golden-Hour Wedding Portrait

Golden hour, the time just before sunset when the light is extra-dreamy, is a great time to capture portrait wedding photos. These grooms look absolutely ethereal in the glowy rays of late-afternoon light.

6. Adorable Piggyback Ride Wedding Picture During Korean Paebaek Ceremony

During the couple's Korean pyebaek ceremony, the groom gave the bride a piggyback ride that resulted in one of the cutest wedding photos ever. Sometimes the best wedding pictures come from candid moments like this one.

7. Fantastic Hot-Air Balloon Wedding Day Image

A hot-air balloon for wedding day pictures—does it get any more romantic than that? Wedding portraits with an epic prop, like a hot-air balloon, won't soon be forgotten.

8. Charming Post-Ceremony Wedding Photography Idea

After the ceremony, this couple took a private stroll (with champagne in hand) around the property to bask in their newlywed status. Not only will a private moment after the wedding ceremony be something you and your partner enjoy, but it's sure to result in great wedding day images as well.

9. Adorable Kiss During La Callejoneada Mexican Wedding Parade

Not only is this wedding photo totally romantic, but it also beautifully captures a Mexican wedding tradition known as La Callejoneada. If you're celebrating your heritage in your wedding in a meaningful way, make sure to ask your photographer to capture pics for wedding memories you'll cherish.

10. Charming Kissing Wedding Photo

Sneak a quick kiss in the hallway while transitioning from cocktail hour to the reception. I love how the arched hallway frames this romantic wedding image.

Creative Wedding Photos

It's okay to think outside the box when it comes to beautiful wedding photos. Below are some of our favorite cool, unique and creative wedding photo ideas to inspire your own wedding shots.

11. Cool Late-Night Snack Wedding Photo

Bride and groom enjoying late night snack after wedding in gas station
Photo: Longbrook Photography for Pat Furey Photography

This couple took a break from dancing the night away to grab a bite from their late-night snack food truck. And the result? Unique wedding reception pictures that memorialize the moment.

12. Festive Wedding Reception Photo With Gold Confetti and Champagne

This couple pulled out all the stops for their New Year's Eve wedding, as evidenced by their amazing wedding photos. While counting down to midnight, the lovebirds danced under a cascade of gold confetti and popped a bottle of wedding champagne.

13. Cute Outdoor Wedding Photo in the Rain

Groom carrying bride through the rain after ceremony
Photo: Amelia Fletcher Photography

Who said rain has to stop you from having cute wedding pictures? To ensure the bride stayed dry in this outdoor wedding photo idea, the groom carried her lovingly through a rain puddle.

14. Joyful Wedding Photo During Haldi Ceremony

This bride's smile, while being covered in turmeric paste at the haldi ceremony, is absolutely radiant. What's more, this cute wedding photo is a good reminder that you can capture unique wedding photo ideas during prewedding events as well as on the big day.

15. Grandmother Processional Wedding Ceremony Photo

How cool is this grandmother? As she rolled into the wedding ceremony in an electric wheelchair decked out in flowers, the photographer managed to immortalize her stunning smile in this beautiful wedding photo.

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16. Festive Bride Photo With Colorful Smoke Bomb

This wedding photo contains not only a burst of color, but a burst of pure joy from the bride as well. Colorful smoke bombs will undoubtedly make your wedding photos memorable, but it's important to make sure they're made of materials that won't stain clothing or irritate skin.

17. Dramatic Wedding Photo in Helicopter

If this doesn't take the cake when it comes to outdoor wedding photo ideas then I don't know what does. This couple rode a helicopter to their wedding ceremony—the ride resulted in some pretty cool wedding photos.

18. Colorful, Creative Wedding Photo Idea in Las Vegas

Couples wedding photos in front of The Neon Museum wedding venue in Las Vegas
Photo: Nicole Hernandez Photography

Are colorful and unique wedding photos a must-have for your wedding? Take note. This couple tied the knot at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas and made the most of their surroundings to capture some cool wedding photo ideas.

19. Beach Wedding Photo Idea With Boat

Talk about making an entrance—this bride arrived at her beach wedding on a boat. If you've enlisted unique wedding transportation for the event, make sure your photographer snaps wedding pictures to remember those creative details.

20. Festive Confetti-Filled Wedding Reception Photo Idea

The joy in this photo is so palpable you can practically hear the music and feel to confetti flutter to the floor.

21. Creative Wedding Ceremony Photo With Neon Signs

Neon signs are especially difficult to photograph which makes this already stunning ceremony shot even more impressive. When you're deciding who to hire, you can identify the best wedding photography pros by their ability to photograph in low-light situations.

22. Rainy Wedding Ceremony Photo With Umbrella

I love how you can see the droplets of rain in this photo—looking at this image transports you to a cold and dreary rainy day. And yet, the groom's joy radiates amid all that. The ability to convey multiple feelings is yet another sign of talent and prowess when it comes to professional wedding photos.

23. Creative Wedding Ceremony Aisle Photo in Vineyard

Without a drone, it can sometimes be difficult to get nice pictures of a wedding ceremony aisle. But this beautiful wedding photo of a hot pink ceremony aisle in a vineyard is absolutely breathtaking.

Funny Wedding Photos

Ready for some laughs? While there's a time and place for sentimental wedding pictures, you're also going to want some humorous ones that capture all the fun from the big day. Let these funny wedding photos inspire you.

24. "Sky's the Limit" Airborne Wedding Photo Idea

What's more fun than hanging with your best bros? This groom's wedding party tossed him in the air at the wedding—and his air time was captured in this funny wedding party photo idea.

25. Bouncy Castle Fun Wedding Photo Idea

Take a load off and just bounce. At least, that's what this couple did at their wedding welcome party in an inflatable bounce house.

26. Playful Wedding Photo of Grandma Jumping in Pool

Splish, splash, let's have a bash. At this wedding, the couple hosted a welcome event with a pool where everyone, including grandma, enjoyed taking a dip.

27. Lively Wedding Picture of Bride Eating Diner Food

There's just something so tasty and comforting about diner food. So much so that this couple hosted their wedding reception in a dinner, and the bride lightheartedly posed with her food to memorialize the occasion.

28. Lively Wedding Ceremony Photo Idea With Flower Guys

Instead of young flower girls, this couple recruited a few of their grown guy friends to serve as "flower guys." The duo was full of pep and their whimsical expressions made this wedding photo totally memorable.

Modern Wedding Photos

These trendy, modern wedding photos hit different. The great thing about wedding photography is that the ideas and trends are always changing and evolving—here are just a few of our favorite modern wedding photo ideas to inspire you.

29. Edgy Wedding Picture Idea at Casino Slot Machine

Wanna be an "it" girl? Take a cue from this hip bride and hit the slots for your wedding portrait photography.

30. Energetic Groom Spinning Beats at Wedding Reception

Don't you just love how this wedding image captures the energy and vibe of this couple's wedding reception? Modern wedding photos are all about capturing the moment—you don't need to have perfectly posed scenes and manufactured emotions in order to memorialize the celebration, as evidenced here.

31. Dramatic Wedding Picture Idea With Contrasting Black and White Details

I'm absolutely obsessed with the juxtaposition in this modern wedding image. The wedding photographer's decision to place each groom in front of a part of the wall that his tux color was truly inspired.

32. Edgy Direct-Flash Modern Wedding Photo Idea

Direct-flash wedding day images are having a moment, and I'm here for it. I love how these paparazzi-style wedding photos feel edgy, dramatic and modern.

33. Chic Wedding Photo With Dramatic Shadows

The sunglasses, the drama, the shadows—this modern wedding photo is *chef's kiss.* The bright foreground paired with a dark background gives an air of mystery and intrigue to the wedding photo idea.

34. Contemporary Wedding Portrait in New York City

I'm obsessed with the sense of place this photo gives—the cobblestone street and fire escape-clad facades are the epitome of Manhattan. Being willing to take a few risks, like momentarily stopping traffic to pose in the street, can result in super-cool wedding photos (as long as those calculated risks are taken safely).

35. Fresh Bride Picture With Billowing Wedding Dress

Most wedding portraits are shot from the front, but this modern picture took a fresh approach as the capture was framed from behind the bride. The movement of the to-be-wed walking, paired with the unique angle, is fun reimagination of an otherwise-classic wedding portrait idea.

36. Astonishing Drone Beach Wedding Photo Idea

On the fence about drone wedding photography? One look at this marvelous wedding ceremony picture should be enough to convince you of how cool drone pics can be.

Traditional Wedding Photos

Having traditional wedding photos doesn't mean your wedding photo gallery will be boring. Quite the opposite, actually. The wedding photography ideas below are classic, timeless and downright perfect.

37. Joyful Close-Up Bride Picture With Flower Crown

Bride Smiling in a Field While Wearing Pink Flower Crown
Photo: Miss Gen Photography

Individual wedding portraits of each to-be-wed are a must. The general concept and framing of this particular bride picture is traditional, but I love how fresh it feels thanks to the Golden Hour sunlight and the bride's smile.

38. Glamorous Full-Body Wedding Portrait Idea

In addition to some close-up wedding pics, consider asking your photographer to snap a few full-body wedding day portraits. This style of formal wedding picture, like the one seen here, is absolutely timeless.

39. Classic Wedding Ceremony Photo of Outdoor Nuptials

One of the simplest, but most important types of wedding photos? The empty ceremony shot. Before the guests arrive, but after the decor is all set, make sure your wedding photographer documents the scene.

40. Timeless Wedding Photo of Couple Laughing at Altar

A photo of you and your partner at the altar during the wedding ceremony is a wedding photo you simply cannot skip. Your vows are the crux of the wedding and you'll be grateful that you have them memorialized in picture form for years to come.

41. Elegant First-Kiss Wedding Photo

"By the power vested in me…you may share a kiss." These words for the officiant precede an iconic part of the wedding ceremony—the couple's first kiss. This photo is one that shouldn't be skipped. Pro tip: Ask the officiant to set out of the way for the photo so that they're not in the background of the image.

42. Cheerful Wedding Ceremony Recessional Photo Idea

Couple walking down aisle in Italy
Photo: Joey Reger/REGER AND CO.

Aren't these two just adorable? The wedding ceremony doesn't end with the kiss—wedding pictures of you exiting with your new spouse are a must-have as the nuptials culminate.

43. Classic Wedding Reception Decor Photo Idea

Another must-have wedding photo? A photograph of the wedding reception decor before any guests are allowed to enter the wedding reception space.

44. Magnificent Wedding Cake Photo Idea

Your wedding cake is sure to be sweet. But you know what else is also sweet? An epic wedding cake photograph to cherish for years to come.

45. Timeless Wedding Bouquet Photo Idea

Listen up: A picture of your wedding bouquet is something you simply *cannot* skip. Wedding bouquet photos are works of art of other works of art. In short, they're just amazing.

Cute Wedding Photos

If you want wedding day pictures that immediately elicit a chorus of "aww" from onlookers then these cute wedding photos are the wedding images you need as inspiration.

46. Adorable Wedding Picture of Grooms Laughing

Is this couple not the cutest? I'm obsessed with their palpable joy that was captured on film.

47. Cute Wedding Ceremony Photo During Khmer Nuptials

The traditions you've chosen to include in your wedding are meaningful, but that doesn't mean they all have to be approached somberly. This couple was all smiles during their traditional Khmer wedding ceremony.

48. Heartwarming, Beautiful Wedding Photo With Grandmother

While you might not want to think about it, the wedding pictures you capture with elder generations at the wedding may be some of the last formal photos taken of those loved ones. Make the most of portrait time and make sure your wedding photographer snaps some cute pictures with beloved grandparents.

49. Wedding Recessional Kiss Photo Surrounded by Bubbles.

These days many couples are getting especially creative with wedding ceremony exit ideas. This couple opted for bubbles and the resulting wedding image is proof of what a good decision that was.

50. Delightful Bridesmaid Wedding Picture Idea

Besties, unite. Don't forget to get some wedding pictures of your bridesmaids. These pals have been with you through thick and thin, and now it's time to celebrate with your crew.

51. Precious Family Wedding Picture Kissing Baby

Cue the chorus of "aww." If this doesn't make your heart burst into a million pieces then I'm not sure what will.

52. Whimsical Wedding Day Portrait With Windblown Veil

The cloud-like nature of veils means that they're going to make nearly any wedding picture they're included in absolutely stunning. Case in point? This beautiful wedding photo of a veil caught in the wind.

53. Playful Wedding Photo Inspiration of Couple Eating Cake

Now here's an adorable wedding picture idea. Gone are the days of smashing wedding cake into your partner's face. Instead, take a cue from this couple and dive headfirst, together, into a plate of cake.

54. Lively Wedding Photo With Groom Drinking Champagne

Cheers to the groom! This energetic to-be-wed popped a bottle of bubbly while getting ready—an action that made for an epic and funny wedding picture.

55. Couple Sharing Tacos During Vow Renewal in Las Vegas

It's like Lady and The Tramp sharing pasta, only the modern Taco Bell version. This fun-loving couple renewed their wedding vows at the fast-food chain and got some pretty nifty wedding pictures as a result.

Candid Wedding Photos

Candid wedding photos capture the authentic, gritty, real emotion of the celebration. These wedding picture ideas are perfectly imperfect which is what makes them so special and memorable.

56. Beautiful Beach Wedding Photo of Bride in Gold Dress

While your wedding dress will look beautiful no matter what, I am especially partial to wedding dress pictures that are candid and full of movement. The ripples of fabric and interplay between shadows and light are breathtaking.

57. Joyful Wedding Speech Photo Idea With Couple

You and your partner will surely pose for quite a few wedding photographs throughout the event, but candid ones that capture you mid-sentence may prove to be some of your favorites. Looking back on these of-the-moment images will bring back memories of what you were saying in that moment, why you were laughing.

58. Jubilant Beach Wedding Photo Idea of Couple Dancing

Couple dancing on the beach with coordinating yellow and lace outfits
Photo: Cristal Veronica Photos

It's okay to let loose and dance a little. After all, you're married to the love of your life—is anything more joyous than that?

59. Candid Wedding Ceremony Photo With Couple Jumping the Broom

If you're incorporating meaningful wedding traditions into the celebration, it can be helpful to alert your photographer ahead of time so they're ready to snap a picture when the moment comes. The movement in this candid photo is so engaging—you practically feel like you're right there in the middle of the action.

60. Lively Beach Wedding Photo With Rising Tide

Beach wedding photos are beautiful, but this fun snap takes the cake. While taking Golden Hour wedding day pictures on the sand, this couple was nearly overtaken by an oncoming wave.

Emotional Wedding Photos

Cue the waterworks–these emotional wedding photos are the very definition of tear-jerking. So if you need a good cry, or just want to look at mushy images of weddings, take a gander at the wedding photo ideas below.

61. Touching Wedding Reception Picture of Bride Crying During Toasts

Bride crying during touching toasts at wedding reception
Photo: Hannah Bryerton Photography

The emotions of the wedding day are felt so deeply by all and are not something that anyone wants to soon forget. That's why a good wedding photographer will make sure to capture wedding day pictures that embody a myriad of emotions—from happy tears to nostalgic tears and everything in between.

62. Moving Wedding Ceremony Photo of Bride Crying During Vows

Now *this* is a great wedding photo. The bride's emotion in this wedding ceremony photo is incredibly poignant and just looking at the image is nearly enough to move the viewer to tears.

63. Heartwarming, Sentimental First Look Wedding Photo

Tender moments between you and your partner are not something you want to miss out on having captured in photos. Your connection is what brought you here and pictures (even tear-filled ones) will be cherished mementos to look back on down the road.

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