Get Your Nails Wedding Ready

Do your nails need a makeover? Help is on the way: Check out our tips for how to work with the nails you've got.
by The Knot

Do your nails need a makeover? We've got the inside skinny on getting troublesome talons into tiptop shape.

Be Prepared

Like most facets of your wedding day, having a beautiful set of nails requires planning, you can't just go and get your nails done on the day before your wedding and expect them to be perfect. Especially if you're a biter. Instead, start getting weekly manicures about three months before your wedding date to get your hands in top form.

One for All

No matter how far in advance you start caring for your nails, use the same manicurist throughout, so you're on the same page and you don't get any last-minute surprises -- like ending up with round-shaped nails when you wanted square, or having your cuticles cut when all you wanted was a push-back.

Weigh Your Options

Having your ceremony in one town while your manicurist's in another? Do some research to ensure you find a top quality local manicurist. Try calling major hotels in the area where you are getting married for references. If more than one suggests the same salon, it's probably a safe bet.

Try, Try Again

Before you have the first fitting for your dress, paint your nails the shade you think you want to wear to see how it looks against your dress. If it's all wrong, planning ahead will give you a chance to get it right.

On Your Toes

Don't forget to plan for a pedicure. Even if your toes won't show when you walk down the aisle, you'll want to have soft feet and perfectly painted toenails on your wedding night.

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