Wedding Reception Venue Contract Points

by The Knot

Here's what should be in your written location contract. Don't sign *anything* until you're satisfied!

  • Total cost and a line-item breakdown of what's included.
  • Amount of deposit and when it was paid.
  • Balance outstanding and when it's due (a payment schedule).
  • Exact date and time of your wedding.
  • Exact location of your wedding (e.g., "In Main Gallery," "In Presidential Ballroom").
  • Detailed list of everything the place will provide (tables, chairs, linens, amplifiers, whatever).
  • The name of the site representative who will be on hand on your wedding day, and the name of an acceptable substitute.
  • Proof of liability insurance and liquor license.
  • Cancellation/refund policy.
  • Anything else you agree to orally that you want to set in stone.
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