Wedding Gifts You'll Always Love

by Colleen Brewer

Even if you and your groom already have the basics, your bridal registry gives you the perfect opportunity to trade up to better quality items. You may not think you need some of these things—you have wineglasses but they're just that, glass, not crystal. Honey, you deserve the Mercedes of wineglasses, among other fabulous things, for your married roost. Now's your chance. Grab that scanner, and keep track of your registry here.

Bone China or Porcelain Dinnerware

Though you may not use it every day, china will make special occasions even more special when you break it out, your cooking will taste better when presented on it (we promise!), and you can start your own family heirloom by handing it down to your daughter. Speaking of which, if you've already inherited a set of china, there may be a few pieces missing and others that have seen better days. Take advantage of this opportunity to find a complementary design to complete your set.

Sterling Silver Flatware

Think of it as jewelry for the table—it gets better with age and is the ultimate way to pamper yourself. Consider having it monogrammed for a classic touch.

Crystal Stemware

You'll cherish your “fancy" glasses when you pour a glam glass of wine after a tough day of work or serve your mate a mimosa in a champagne flute.

High Thread-Count Sheets

The higher the thread count (anything over 300 is considered high), the softer the sheet. These sheets always feel delicious on your skin and will last forever.

Feather Bed

Like a gigantic pillow, this fluffy layer goes between the mattress and bottom sheet to add that extra “squish" when you lie down.

Espresso Machine

Play barista and get your morning blend on for free with your very own high-tech coffee bar—handy, too, for making custom cups for guests at parties. We also have to admit a cool machine commands some respect on the kitchen countertop.


Once you experience the heft and ease of a top-quality forged knife, you'll never go back to those cheap, stamped versions.


Owning even one top-quality pot can change your life. Seriously. Bone up on the pros and cons of different cookware materials and select premium pots. This is also a great time to ask for specialty items like a grill pan, or a huge stockpot for lobster boils.

Cookie Sheets

Who knew there were so many bad cookie sheets out there? Maybe that explains all those blackened biscotti that always end up on the bottom of the pile. For goodness sake, register for some heavy-duty aluminum baking sheets with nonstick surfaces to help ensure perfection.

Food Processor

If you plan to tinker with a lot of recipes, ask for this pricey yet super-useful kitchen item. You'll be employing it for all manner of kitchen tasks—from mixing up dough to making homemade mayonnaise.

Vacuum Cleaner

Not just any old vac will do. Do a little research and pick the model that best suits your cleaning needs—and while you're at it, add a smaller cleaning machine for quick pickups. Pet hair, begone!


After your wedding, you just might be drawn to the most dreaded household task: ironing. We promise you: Once you're blessed with a model featuring a powerful steam output and a nonstick soleplate, steaming a shirt will become a satisfying experience.

Luxe Blanket

A throw or blanket made of a luxurious material, like cashmere, merino wool, or mohair, is the kind of item you'd rarely splurge on for yourself—yet it's so appreciated on a chilly night.


A grill is a must-have for outdoor entertaining, even for everyday meals in warm weather. Now you can choose one with bells and whistles, plus all those accessories, like tongs and mitts, to go with it.

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