Registry Favorites for Health Nuts! (Scan It Saturdays)

by Jamie Miles

Let's hope you didn't give up on your New Year's resolutions already. For many of you on a healthy kick, these essentials are perfect to keep you cooking light and eating lean. See some of our faves and don't forget to add them to your wedding registry!


1. 3-Piece Container Set
This tupperware won't help you be nutritious, but it will help you with portion control. Don't eat everything on your plate– save it for later with these containers that encourage you to take leftovers for lunch.

2. Vegetable Steamer
Your mother always told you to eat your veggies, and we're here to remind you! Cook anything from broccoli florets, green beans and asparagus quickly and without losing any of the nutrients.

3. Salad Spinner
This tool makes salad prep easy. You can dry the lettuce and eat your greens in the same container once you take out the inner basket.

4. Dressing Shaker
Eating salads loses purpose when you add hundreds of calories from creamy dressing. Make your own light, oil-based vinaigrette in this shaker which includes measurements on the side for quick calibration. It's also perfect for bringing to work since it's plastic.

5. Citrus Zester
More flavor and less calories is a recipe for weight loss. Adding lemon zest, for instance, can truly enhance a recipe without any high cal additives. All you need is an easy-to-use zester!

6. Slow Juicer
We're not suggesting you drink all your meals, but the addition of nutritious juices in your diet will keep you full longer thanks to the fiber. You can experiment with recipes such as combining kale and celery or carrots and beets. Proponents of green juicing say it could help your digestive system and, indisputably, it helps you increase your intake of fruits and veggies.

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