Here’s What Registering for Wedding Gifts Actually Feels Like (in GIFs)

It’s like, you want gifts, but you feel guilty about wanting gifts, you know?
by Maggie Seaver

You’re engaged! One of the first things people will ask you (after trying to sneak a peek at your ring and wondering about your wedding date) will be whether or not you’re planning to register for gifts—which you totally should, by the way.

But you’ve never had to hand-select exactly what you want, and this isn’t your average birthday present or holiday gift—this is stuff for your new life we’re talking about here. It’s completely natural to feel both excited and overwhelmed—greedy and guilty. The best medicine? Laughter. Here are the potential (ridiculous) emotions you might go through while registering for wedding gifts.

  1. Your partner brings up the registry topic with you—but you’re not sold.

  2. Plus, you’ve never been the gift-grabbing type. What are you supposed to do with more stuff, anyway?

  3. But after careful consideration of all the cool possibilities, something shifts.

  4. And it’s settled—you’ll be registering for gifts first thing tomorrow.

  5. You finally enter the great, wide world of wedding registry—and, boy, is it beautiful.

  6. There are stand mixers, slow cookers, furniture, new bikes, barware and a king-size mattress with your names written all over.

  7. As in, this could be you:

  8. But as fun as this is, why does it make you feel a little guilty? One second you feel like this:

  9. And the next, you're a mess:

  10. Your conscience says, “Do I really need this?” While your heart says:

  11. You start rethinking everything.

  12. Until you remember you can link a charity to your registry and give back to others while you stock your newlywed home and fund your honeymoon in Bora Bora.

  13. Then you learn you can also register for cash gifts and realize the endless possibilities.

  14. Unfortunately, this is how old-school folks react to your chic, modern Newlywed Fund:

  15. But cash gifts are cool now, so you’re just like:

  16. At the end of the day, you’ll be so jazzed to have some sweet new home goods and a little money in your pocket for life's big moments to come. 

    *Actual footage of you watching your gifts arrive, knowing it was all worth it*

  17. Start your wedding registry, or find a friend's registry here.

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