True Tales of Wedding Sabotage

From minor blips that were easily overlooked to major disruptions that seriously dampened the day, we asked couples to share their stories of wedding sabotage. (Names were removed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.)
by Miles Stiverson

An Unmanageable Mom

"I've played 'wedding planner' to several of my friends' weddings, and one of the worst things I've seen happen was when the mother of one of my friends didn't want the marriage to take place. At the wedding, she 'fell' going up the stairs to the chapel and made a scene, saying that she 'wouldn't be able to walk down the aisle now.' Throughout the ceremony, she sighed every minute or so, loudly enough that the officiant asked if she were okay.

"Once the dancing started at the reception, she was just fine, but then she decided to throw the bouquet herself and cut a piece of cake before the bride and groom!

"Needless to say, she was none too happy about the room she got locked in for the rest of the night."

Wedding Dress Doppelganger

"I found my perfect wedding dress in a magazine, located it at a store in a nearby city, and tried it on. It was perfect. I showed my younger cousin (she was going to be a bridesmaid) a picture of the dress, and she loved it too -- in fact, she loved it so much that she had the exact same dress made to wear to her high school graduation!"

Overeager for Involvement

"Right after my fiance and I got engaged, our whole family was so excited to be part of our planning...too excited. My future sister-in-law decided her sons should be in the wedding party. When we told her we didn't want any children in the wedding party or at the reception, she threw a fit. She called anyone who would listen to tell them how terrible we were being, and she told her sons we didn't love them because we didn't want them there. (Totally not true.) She even went so far to say that she and her husband weren't coming! She successfully made our engagement about her."

Inappropriate Guest Requests

"I had a family member who thought that I shouldn't have a traditional wedding with all the trimmings the second time around. When discussing the wedding, she told me that it was an inconvenience to take the day off, she didn't like the time of year we chose, we shouldn't be having it in a church, and she'd prefer to wear jeans since that's what she's most comfortable in!"

Unnecessary Fittings

"My maid of honor actually tried on wedding dresses for her while the rest of the bridesmaids were trying on bridesmaid dresses."

Misleading Guest List

"My future mother-in-law gave me at least five wrong addresses (that I know of...there may be more) for our invitations. Even my fiance's sister's address was incorrect. She obviously did this on purpose. I've had to resend these invitations by doing my own research to find their addresses. Along with the added postage, my humiliation has skyrocketed."

Can You Quarantine Parents?

"The parents of our ring bearer said some awful things to us about my parents. Now they still want to come to the wedding, but they don't want to see my parents. My dad is performing the ceremony!"

Mom's Time to Shine

"My mom said that she was going to wear her old wedding dress to my wedding because I couldn't outdo her!"

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