Selfies at Weddings Can Actually Be Charming, Okay?

by Rachel Torgerson
A bride and groom taking a selfie at the wedding altar outside
photo by Beauty of Grace Photography

Most likely, when you hear the word, "selfie," it's accompanied by a big old sigh. But one look at this photo by Beauty of Grace Photography and the only thing that accompanies the word is a huge smile. You can just see the bride and groom, Courtney and Rob, as the fun-loving, amazing couple that they are -- all with just one image. They're excitement to be married also completely shines through.

Usually, when you're caught taking a selfie, it's a bit embarrassing (ahem, I definitely wouldn't know), but Courtney and Rob couldn't be more pleased with the snap of their wedding selfie. "While we were waiting for our families to round up for photos, Rob grabbed me and said, 'We're married -- let's take a selfie!'" says Courtney. "I'm so glad our photographer caught it -- it really shows how much we love being goofy."

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