Wedding Style: Christmas Wedding Ideas?

by The Knot

We're having a Christmas wedding. Do you have any ideas on how we can make it special?


There are so many great ways to spice up a holiday wedding, and most reception locations will already be decorated for the holidays. Here are some ideas:

  • Invitations: There are plenty of religious invitations and you may feel strongly about using them at this time of year. Or try custom-made invites shaped like Christmas stockings, snowmen, or Christmas trees. And there's always the obvious choice of including anything in red and green.

  • Clothes: The bride can wear a gown with white velvet accents or something with faux-fur. Added touches can include festive colors like red, gold, or green, or even a cape or bows. The groom can wear a red and green or metallic-brocade vest, or cummerbund and tie, with studs and cuff links in the shape of Christmas trees or candy canes. For the wedding party, put bridesmaids in bright red or hunter green; gold, silver, and pewter are beautiful, too.

  • Flowers & Decorations: Drape ivy or holly mixed with sprigs of baby's breath among the rows of seats for the ceremony. Poinsettias are perfect around the area where you'll stand to exchange your vows and even as centerpieces. Or, for instant centerpieces, fill large glass vases or bowls with solid-colored glass ornaments. Bundles of white branches (from the market or florist) decorated with white lights will look great around an entryway. Another idea is to adorn evergreen plants with lights, candy canes, and little red bows.

  • Food & Drink: Have the caterer recreate your favorite holiday dinner. For beverages, how about a punch bowl full of egg nog, spiced cider, or spiked rum? Festive holiday drinks for everyone! And be sure to serve hot cocoa, plain or with a shot of creme de menthe.

  • Entertainment: Have the band or DJ play some danceable Christmas tunes like "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "Jingle Bell Rock." Get everyone to gather around, pass out lyric sheets, and sing Christmas carols!

  • Favors: Mini Christmas stockings filled with candy, ornaments (store-bought or printed with your names and the wedding date), big candy canes tied with bows, silver bells decorated with red and green ribbons. Use your imagination and go wild!
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