Wedding Style: Something Blue Ideas?


How can I incorporate the traditional something blue into my wedding without having an entirely blue wedding theme? (My wedding color is purple.) Do you have any creative suggestions?


Because the color blue symbolizes love, modesty, and fidelity, it's considered good luck for a bride to wear blue on her wedding day. Historically, Christian brides have valued the color as a sign of purity, because blue is associated with the Virgin Mary. Blue may be incorporated into your wedding in a variety of ways, from a blue-tinted wedding dress to blue shoes peeking out from beneath your gown, a blue garter, or blue frilly panties. The blue on your wedding day may be as subtle as a light bluish shade of petals in your bouquet to a ribbon braided through your hair, blue toenails, or a piece of jewelry with a blue stone (such as a blue topaz ring or a pin) attached to the underside of your gown. Be creative and choose something that reflects your personality, whether you keep your something blue tucked away close to your heart, or reveal it for all to see.

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