Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love

See the hottest wedding veil styles and hairstyles to complement each
by Heather Levine
  1. The Cage Veil

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Cage Veil

    What it is: A cage veil is a short style that delicately covers and frames the face. Though it's most often seen in a wide net, there are many tulle and embellished varieties available as well.

    Best with: A hairstyle that's the same length or shorter than the veil is ideal. Try the sophisticated look of a low updo or the softness of a curly down-do that just barely grazes the shoulders.

    Hair how-to: Braid the top front section of your hair. This plait is the perfect place to conceal the comb of the veil -- just slip it in right behind the first twist. Secure the rest in a low, romantic bun.​

  2. Hair how-to:

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Cage Veil

    ​Start with a side part and use a 3/4-inch curling iron to create perfect ringlets. The secret here is a bit of teasing. This veil is so short and light, that's all you need to keep it in place.​

  3. The Fingertip Veil

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Fingertip Veil

    What it is: One of the most popular veil styles among brides, its length (below the hips and butt) helps create a slimming effect. This type of veil extends to -- you guessed it -- the fingertips.

    Best with: Any updo will look polished. A half-up or all-up style will give this longer, heavier veil a secure place to grip onto.

    Hair how-to: Go with a bold updo like this over-the-top braided bun. Using a hair donut (a sponge that looks like, well, a donut), pull a high ponytail through the center and into a full bun; then wrap with a braided hair extension. Once secure, tuck the veil under the bun.​

  4. Hair how-to:

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Fingertip Vei

    ​ If you want your veil to flow from the crown, try a half-up style. Tease the top, pull it back into a half ponytail, and attach the veil comb (you won't see it because of the height you created).​

  5. The Mantilla Veil

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Mantilla Veil

    What it is: This long, Spanish-style veil is made of circular-cut fabric. A couple of options with this one: You can wear it as a blusher or secure it to the crown of your head so that it frames your face. The most traditional styles are either all lace or at least have a lace trim.

    Best with: Pull your hair in a sleek updo or keep it down and loose. How you wear the veil will determine which style is best.

    Hair how-to: A low bun lets the veil lie flat against your head. Use a bristle brush and lots of spray to keep hair shiny and smooth.​

  6. Hair how-to:

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Mantilla Veil

    A side part helps this more traditional veil look modern, and a soft wave complements the delicate lace. Tease the hair at the center of your head and secure the veil comb with a couple of bobby pins. The band of lace will help the pins go undetected.

  7. The Double-Tier Veil

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Double-Tier Veil

    What it is: Like the fingertip, the name says it all. The veil has two layers (or two veils or a veil and blusher) of two different lengths.

    Best with: Any hairstyle. Be it modern, retro, sleek, or soft, the veil's length, fabric, and embellishments will decide which 'do goes best.

    Hair how-to: A middle part will add interest to an unembellished veil. Use a large curling iron (1 1/2-inch barrel) to get a natural wave.​

  8. Hair how-to:

    Wedding Veil Styles You'll Love: The Double-Tier Veil

    Since the veil is fuller, try a high ponytail or bun. Slide the veil comb in toward the middle of your head, not back by the crown.​

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