Award-Winning Wedding Videos Guaranteed to Make You Cry

These videos won LoveStoriesTV’s 2016 Film Awards for literally just being amazing.
by Maggie Seaver
photo by Theory Y Design

The music, the vows, the teary eyes, the love—is there anything about wedding videos that doesn’t make us cry? That’s a firm no. And in case you haven’t heard, LoveStoriesTV is the best place to binge watch stunning, heart-warming wedding videos contributed by talented videographers and married couples from across the globe. Trust us, you can’t watch just one.

That’s why we’re so excited to share LoveStoriesTV’s 2016 Wedding Film Award winners. LoveStoriesTV audience members, in partnership with its filmmaker council, nominated their favorites, narrowing the pool down to 80 films across 10 categories, including Best Groom Reaction and Most Beautiful Venue. From there, the entire LoveStoriesTV community voted for their top pick in each category, and the results are in!  

Watch every winning video here (you may want a box of tissues for this).

1. Best Backstory: Julie and Luke

Film by Theory Y Design @TheoryYDesign

2. Best First Look: Kelsey and Jack

Film by Dan West [email protected]

3. Best Groom Reaction: Ginny and Matt

Film by Reel Special [email protected]

4. Best International Film: Heer and Niraj

Film by Oragraphy @Oragraphy

5. Best Proposal, Save the Date or Elopement Film: Kayse and Joe

Film by Reel Special [email protected]

6. Best Vows: Whitney and Brian

Film by [email protected]

7. Most Beautiful Venue: Devon and Erik

Film by Image Flow [email protected]

8. Most Likely to Make You Cry: Beth and Paul

Film by Theory Y Design @TheoryYDesign

9. Most Likely to Make You LOL: Courtney and Robert

Film by Motion [email protected]

10. Love Story of the Year: Meagan and Josh

Film by Max and Molly [email protected],[email protected]

Check out the Editor’s Choice winners here, all by cinematographer Love Tales By Company Trailer (@LoveTales_CompanyTrailer). And don’t forget to follow @LoveStoriesTV so you never miss a romantic moment.

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